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Re: E-M:/ Sign On to Sustainability!

Enviro-Mich message from anderlik@traverse.com (Chris Anderlik)

>Chris said:
> I don't see a statement on human overpopulation.  Without  stabilization or
> reduction of # of humans, sustainability is impossible!
>LeRoy said:
<My understanding is that the world can support many more individuals if we
>use our land more efficiently.  For example, I don't know the exact
>statistic but it takes at least 10 times the land to produce a pound of
>protein from beef as it does from grain.

Dear LeRoy---are you a vegetarian, or better, a vegan?  If you're concerned
about sustainability, then what makes you think the world population is
going to go on a grain, or even a vegetarian diet if you won't?  In fact
many asiatic countries inclu ding China are eating more and more flesh and
you are right it takes a lot more grain to make flesh protein.
        With almost 100 million people being added to the earth's
population each year, it could double in something like 40 or 50 years--its
already doubled twice in my lifetime.  That's enough to sustain pollution,
lack of water, houses everywhere, no forests or wildlife, want and woe and
wars.  Any progress made in our efforts to control consumption and recycle
is overwhelmed by the numbers of people consuming and producing waste.
        Get the picture?  No, I won't sign on til you get an overpopulation
policy. No more than 2 children per couple, tax laws to discourage large
families etc. etc.

Chris Anderlik
4 animals  

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