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Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

Craig -- this project came to my attention a couple of years ago, and your
concerns are the same as mine.  I asked the DNR what criteria they have for
the use of the funds for tree planting, and in fact the only guidance was that
the trees not be cut for 40 years at least.  This is just BARELY over the
minimum rotation age for pulp wood forests, so provides virtually no long term
benefit in so far as establishing healthy forests which store more carbon
than a short rotation forest of this sort.  Detroit Edison actually simply set
up the project for giving the bucks to DNR with no input into the use of the
funds.  This is intended for carbon sequestration and they are getting some
sort of credit for it.

I have indirectly, through others with better connections to Det. Edison,
asked if they couldn't put a little pressure on DNR to do something more
substantive.  For example, restoration of old growth forests would provide
more permanent carbon sequestration.  I don't know that there has been
progress in this arena, but I certainly think it is well worthwhile for people
to ask both DNR and Det. Ed. about this project and not simply buy the P.R.
line here!!

Anne Woiwode

i wonder if someone on enviro-mich can help me with the ecology(both
human and biological) of this . . . it seems to me that for detroit
edison really to deserve greenhouse gas emission credits, there would
have to be some judgment that the forestation which was done would not
otherwise have occured in some proximate time frame . . . is this in
fact being determined

craig k harris

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