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Recent enviro stories on Michigan Live:

The state has postponed the leasing of Great Lakes bottomlands, a move that
halts - at least temporarily - the drilling of new oil or gas wells under Lake
Michigan or Lake Huron.

Although Sunday's rain put a damper on participation in the annual All Species
Parade, plenty of folks poured into Ann Arbor's Leslie Science Center to soak
up the local Earth Day Festival.http://aa.mlive.com/news/yearthday.htm

Scientists, politicians and environmentalists have blamed inefficient,
gasoline-burning vehicles for depleting ozone in the atmosphere, a phenomenon
they argue contributes to global warming and other problems. But now, long-
held hopes by environmentally conscience drivers for vehicles that are more
efficient, burn cleaner and operate on alternative fuels is one step closer to

Atlas Twp. - Two communities are struggling to find solutions to failing
septic systems - including raw sewage leaking into the Atlas Millpond.

More than a third of Saginaw County homes were built before 1950, meaning nine
out of 10 of them likely contain lead paint.
For children younger than 6 living in those homes, lead poisoning could cause
reduced IQ or other irreversible damage - even if they don't show any symptoms

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