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E-M:/ Timber mandate modified in House DNR Budget Bill

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

It was clear that Michigan citizens concerned about the proposed budget
provision that would mandate a minimum level of timber marking on Michigan's
State Forests were making their concerns known to the members -- THANK YOU for
speaking up!!  

While an amendment to entirely delete the mandatory minimum level of timber
marking on Michigan's State Forests (introduced by Rep. Rose Bogardus) was
defeated (34 Yeas, 69 Nays), another amendment introduced by Rep. Judy
Scranton may actually do something better!!  Scranton's amendment, which
passed 93 Yeas to 9 Nays, adds on to the language in the bill that "only those
forest segments with a long term management plan shall be marked for harvest."
Since only 2 of Michigans 6 State Forests HAVE a Management Plan, 2/3rds of
Michigan's State Forests would be off limits to timber marking until long
overdue management plans for the State Forests are completed!

Among those who spoke in favor of these amendments and should be thanked were
Rep. Lynne Martinez, and Rep. Sharon Gire.  Those who opposed and spoke
against both amendments were Rep. Paul Tesanovich, Rep. David Anthony, and
Rep. Bill Bobier.  There was a roll call vote on each of the amendments, so
you will be able to find how you Representative voted by checking the House
Journal for April 29, which will be on the Michigan Legislative Web Page

Again, thanks to all who made calls!  This bill is on third reading in the
House now, which means there will likely be no more changes.  Then HB 5591 as
passed by the House will go to the Senate, where the Senate Appropriations
Committee can be expected to try to remove Scranton's amendment.  As a result,
your calls and letters to your State Senator are a next good step to take! 

Anne Woiwode, Sierra Club

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