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E-M:/ EPA bust on GM in Saginaw

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

More federal enforcement,  this time against GM......

Emissions from foundry cast shakeout lines
commonly include silica.   In this case, GM was busted for
visible emissions of shake out line particulate.

Under pressure from  the Honigman, Miller Schwartz
law firm, from certain mining companies and others, 
the Engler Administration recently proposed deregulating silica 
emissions from new facilities as an environmental 
carcinogen (cancer causing material).   Now silica
will not be considered by MDEQ as a cancer causing agent.

So it goes with Engler era environmental deregulation......

....non-sequitor aside.....

[did you see John Engler in the Detroit News the other day
with a "fishing" photo opportunity??   He looked bored to 
tears and totally indifferent to the experience....he was probably
thinking about how he could further deregulate hog hotels.....
....the photo op might have been more convincing if Michelle
and the triplets were along.....]


EPA enters CACO for $44,722 penalty and CAA SEP with General Motors /
               Saginaw, Michigan

On April 17, 1998, EPA executed a Consent Agreement and Consent Order (CACO)
with General Motors for alleged opacity violations at GM's Saginaw Metal Casting
Plant in Saginaw, Michigan. Pursuant to the terms of the CACO, GM will pay a
penalty of $44,722 and perform a supplemental environmental project (SEP).

GM owns and operates a casting moldline shakeout process at its Saginaw Metal
Casting Operation in Saginaw, Michigan. This process produces engine cores and
molds. Inspections at the plant revealed several violations of the State SIP
as the
process resulted in visible emission that exceeded the applicable standard. On
September 12, 1997, EPA entered into an Administrative Order with GM under which
GM agreed to install a new dust collection system to achieve compliance with
emission requirement under the SIP. On September 18, 1997, EPA filed a complaint
against GM seeking a penalty of $75,250 for GM's violations of the opacity

On April 17, 1998, EPA executed a CACO to resolve the allegations in the
Complaint. Pursuant to the agreement, GM will pay a civil penalty of $44,722 and
conduct a SEP. The SEP concerns determining the viability of switching from
traditional volatile organic compound-based binders for cores and molds to a
binder. The SEP will evaluate the process, which is a GM trademark known as
GM-bond, in a grey iron casting production type prototype for the first time
and yield
data that may lead to the actual use of this process in production of cores and
molds. If successful and implemented, this process could potentially result
in a 65
tons/per year VOC reduction at the Saginaw Metal Casting Operation. The SEP
report is to be submitted to EPA by November 30, 1998.

Case Contact: Peter Felitti, Multi-Media Branch I, (312) 886-5114

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