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E-M:/ Votes on the Timber Mandate Amends on House Floor

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

Folks -- here are the vote tallies on Wednesday's roll call votes on the DNR
Budget amendments.

Anne Woiwode, Sierra Club

Bogardus amendment to HB 5591 

delete Section 903 that says "With money appropriated in section 109, the
department shall not allow the amount of timber marked for harvest to
decrease below 855,000 cords."

Yeas -34
Baird                   Freeman         Parks                   Scranton
Bogardus                Gire            Price                   Stallworth
Brater                  Gubow                   Profit          Thomas
Brewer                  Hertel                  Quarles         Vaughan
Brown                   Jellema         Rison                   Voorhees
Ciaramitaro             Kelly                   Schauer         Wallace
DeHart          Kilpatrick              Schermesser             Willard
Dobronski               Martinez                Scott                   Wojno
Emerson         Murphy

Nays - 69
Agee                    Dobb                    Horton          Middleton
Alley                   Fitzgerald              Jansen                  Nye
Anthony                 Frank                   Jelinek                 Owen
Baade                   Gagliardi               Johnson         Oxender
Bankes          Galloway                Kukuk                   Palamara
Basham          Geiger                  LaForge         Perricone
Birkholz                Gernaat         Law                     Prusi
Bobier                  Gilmer                  Leland          Raczkowski
Bodem                   Godchaux                LeTarte         Rhead
Brackenridge            Goschka         Llewellyn               Richner
Byl                     Green                   London          Rocca
Cassis                  Gustafson               Lowe                    Sanborn
Cherry                  Hale                    Mathieu         Sikkema
Crissman                Hammerstrom             McBryde         Tesanovich
Cropsey         Hanley                  McManus         Varga
Curtis                  Harder                  McNutt          Walberg
Dalman          Hood                    Middaugh                Whyman

Amendment on Scranton Amendment to insert after "cords" : "Only those forest
segments with a long-term management plan shall be marked for harvest."

Yeas - 93
(too many to list)

Nays - 9
Anthony         Gernaat         Horton                  LeTarte
Bobier          Godchaux        Jansen                  Lowe

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