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E-M:/ NEWS RELEASE on Sulphur in gasoline/diesel

Enviro-Mich message from GreenPlanet <riccawu@MNSi.Net>


May 7, 1998 for immediate release


Windsor>  The Citizens' Environment Alliance of SW Ontario (CEA) has told
the federal and provincial governments to enact strict regulations for the
sulphur content in gasoline and diesel fuel.  The CEA has demanded a 30 ppm
annual average and 50 ppm maximum level of sulphur in gasoline be enacted no
later than January 1, 2001.  The CEA has also called for a national standard
for on-road and off-road diesel at 50 ppm maximum.  This would make Canada's
sulphur regulation the most restrictive of any jurisdiction.

The CEA's comments are in response to a federal and provincial government
working group report on sulphur in gasoline.  The report offers three
options to choose from: a 30 ppm annual average and 80 ppm maximum level of
sulphur in gasoline in all of Canada effective January 1, 2002; a 150 ppm
annual average and 200 ppm maximum in all of Canada effective January 1,
2002; and deferral of further action on sulphur levels in Canada and
matching, in the future, the least restrictive U.S. fuel requirement of new
national vehicle standards expected in 2004.  The latter option is a bone
for the avaricious Canadian Petroleum Products Industry.

It is clear that reducing the sulphur in gasoline will reduce emissions of
sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic
compounds, and lowers peak ozone levels.  Health and environmental benefits,
including fewer premature deaths, are proportional to the reductions in
sulphur levels.

Ontario has the highest average sulphur content of gasoline in all of
Canada.  Ontario's average has been steadily increasing since 1994 and the
latest figures show that the Ontario average is now above 530 ppm while the
national average is 343 ppm.  High sulphur levels compound the pollution
problems of southwestern Ontario, adding to the province's worst levels of
air pollution.

The CEA understands that this is only an interim step in the ultimate goal
of an alternative fuel that is non-polluting such as photovoltaic fuel
cells.  These fuel cells are now being used in the Ballard Bus a zero
emission vechicle manufactured in North Vancouver. 

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