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E-M:/ Much missing from Freep Nordhouse Article Saturday

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

On Saturday a large article by Dawson Bell showed up on the front page and an
entire inside page of the Detroit Free Press.  Unfortunately, the article left
out enormous amounts of essential information, appears to have been written
without any attempt to interview or quote directly those who would have
provided a more complete and accurate picture, and ends on an editorial note
that appears to be out of place in an objective article.  The trouble is, as
Bell says up front, that this is not a story that can be told in a paragraph.
It most certainly wasn't told in the article printed.

Among the unfounded assertions in the piece is the gross oversimplification
of the position of the environmental community, which followed this issue long
before it ever got to court, and has raised over the years many different
concerns, cited many different contributing factors to the debacle, and has
consistently sought to achieve just two main objectives: to protect a unique
area worthy of protection, and to shore up existing laws that are critical in
Michigan to protecting the health and well being of our citizens and the
environment upon which we depend.  

Shortly we will post a complete analysis of Bell's article and the missing
pieces of the puzzle.  While it is easy to pick on some of the most glaring
inaccuracies (like the photo on page 4A that claims it shows breakwaters at
Nordhouse, when none exist, and which shows a road at the edge of the photo
when no roads go to Lake Michigan at Nordhouse) the most profoundly troubling
concern is that there will be no way for an unbiased account to be presented
in an "equal time" situation -- no doubt the Free Press will not ask another
reporter to go cover the full story and fill in the blanks.  To be sure,
unbiased does not just mean "our point of view" or the facts we know are
missing -- it means the WHOLE story, since Michigan's citizens deserve a
chance to understand everything that went on here.

I would urge those who know the Nordhouse story, who are familiar with the
issues, and know the place, to read the story and share your reactions, as
well as writing to the Free Press.  The article should be on line on Freep web
page site for Saturday May 9.

Anne Woiwode

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