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E-M:/ Religion & Ecology event - Saginaw area

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June 20, 1998  (Saturday, 8 am - 4 pm)
at Hartley Outdoor Center
12633 Beaver Rd
St. Charles

"Abundant Living"  ...exploring connections between environmental and hunger
Sponsored by the Social Justice and Peacemaking Committee, Presbytery of Lake
Huron  (for all ages, and not just Presbyterians!  :-) 

****For Registration brochure, call the Presbytery of Lake Huron at (517)
Registration deadline -- JUNE 5th ****

The schedule of this conference will be consistent with the theme. It will
include quiet worship, nature walks, cooperative games, simple vegetarian
meals, and (four) participatory workshops. There will be a children's program
for ages 4-12.

Morning worshops : (1) Restoring Relationships with the Land - Rev. Tom Jones
a minister and organic farmer / certifier. Practical ways to build local food
security, community gardens, community supported agriculture, and support for
local farmers in their quest for reducing chemical usage.  (2) Abundant Time -
Nancy Regensburger.  The biblical concept of "sabbath" invites us to live in
harmony with creation, to alternate "doing" with simply "being." Sabbath time
can provide relief from the stress of modern living upon humans and the earth.

Afternoon Workshops : (3) Communities of Abundance - Kim Winchell. Practical
ideas for churches to model earthkeeping - environmental audits of buildings,
teaching and preaching ideas, working ecumenically, and earth advocacy. 
(4) Abundant Lifestyles - Joan Brausch.  Seeing the holy in the ordinary,
developing rituals for personal and family celebration of creation and
enjoying hte beauty of the simple; scriptural resources.

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