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Re: E-M:/ Re: / Immigrants and the Environment

Enviro-Mich message from David Allen <dallen@nmu.edu>

Kathryn, Tim, Jose (and others):

We have to get a handle on pop growth - whether from births or from
immigration.  And on immigration, both legal and illegal.  And we have to
get a handle on environmental justice (that unfortunately all to large part
of social justice questions).  There are no easy answers, no magic bullets.

Please note that the SC, while supporting ZPG, does NOT support reliance on
immigration policy.  Instead, SC recognizes that world-wide, we need ZPG;
that world-wide, we need to learn how to live sustainably.  The recent SC
election confirmed this policy, I believe.

And in defense of at least some who proposed stricter immigration policies
they did it on the basis of solely trying to achieve ZPG in the US, and not
on the basis of some form of nativism, of racism.  While I disagreed with
them on the proposed policy, I also recognize that their values do not
differ that significantly from mine.  Some, as a matter of fact, are also
quite active in environmental justice issues.

So lets keep focused on the issues.  Admittedly some of those behind the
failed measure may be nativists.  And so might some of those in favor of
the measure that passed.  But I think that the SC's record on Environmental
Justice issues in general stands for itself - and it is pretty decent.
Dave A.

>Enviro-Mich message from Jose Ricardo Batres-Marroquin <pepito@umich.edu>
>Mr. Flynn,
>The core of the matter here is not whether this kind of statements divide
>the environmentalist community.  The point is that environmental justice
>can never be realized without social and economic justice.  If the Sierra
>Club supports a policy of zero population growth with a net immigration
>component included, then they ARE anti-immigrant and there's nothing else
>to it.  Unitiy for the sake of unity is worth nothing.  Unity in the
>environmental movement should be based on congruence of ideals and
>interests, not simply in the "more is better" philosophy.
>Jose Batres
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>> Enviro-Mich message from "Tim Flynn" <tflynn@freeway.net>
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>> Kathryn,
>> I don't think it is helpful to charaterize some environmentatist stance as
>> "anti-immigrant".   This type of language divides us for no apparent
>> reason.
>> They're position were one of zero population growth for US, and that net
>> immigration is part of that picture.
>> While some folks many be "anti-immigrant", tarring all folks in favor of
>> restricting immigration because of the US population effects is wrong,
>> factually and tactically.
>> Tim Flynn
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>> From: "RASHID BARKAJI" <ACCESS-COM@worldnet.att.net>
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>> Subject: E-M:/ Immigrants and the Environment
>> Date: Wed, May 13, 1998, 9:27 AM
>> The recent Sierra Club measure calling for restrictions on immigration
>> illustrates that there is a significant minority of environmentalists who
>> take an anti-immigrant stance with respect to environmental concerns.
>> Kathryn Savoie
>> Environmental Program Director
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