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I'm sorry that my comments were taken so negatively. I didn't use the term
"anti-immigrant" in an effort to slander anyone, but because I agree with
Jose that the stance taken by a significant number of environmentalists
(not just in the Sierra Club) -- that immigration restrictions are the
means of obtaining zero population growth (and hence environmental
protection) in the U.S. -- is IN EFFECT anti-immigrant.  What I meant is
that this kind of policy, not my language, is what divides us
unnecessarily. And it won't solve the problem of environmental destruction
in the United States, or in the world.

There may be measures that could result in zero population growth in the
United States, but I don't believe we will ever achieve that goal with
social, economic and environmental justice, as long as we fail to address
the role of the United States in worldwide consumption of resources, as
well as our contribution to the social, political and economic forces that
contribute to ecological destruction, and migration around the globe.   

The main point of my original posting was to point out the issue of the
Network News, which provides an excellent coverage of these issues, and
something that is often missing from this debate -- an immigrant point of

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