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E-M:/ Thursday's Mid-May Smog

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Michigan DEQ's Air Quality Division Ozone Action web page at 
indicates that excessive 8-hr  ozone concentrations over the new health 
standard were reported Thursday for Otisville (near Flint), 
Tecumseh and Algonac with near misses elsewhere in the state.

Friday's results weren't available at this writing.

Also, the 1997 data is available re-compiled with the comparisons
to the new ozone standard.   All ozone monitors throughout Michigan except
one had at least one unhealthy 8 hr ozone episode.

New Haven in Northern Macomb County had the distinction of having 
the highest 8 hr number in 1997 of 100 parts per billion compared to the 
level of the standard at 85 ppb for an 8 hour average.

Coloma (west of Kalamazoo) had the greatest number of 8 hour unhealthy
episodes in 1997.

Legal compliance is actually measured on the basis of the 3 year average of
the 4th highest ozone concentration and MDEQ's air monitoring folks also
have a nifty table showing this information as well.

John Engler gets to run for re-election on the platform that much of the
heavily populated parts of the state of Michigan have unhealthy air  as shown
by the new air quality standard.

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