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E-M:/ Conners Creek Power Plant

Enviro-Mich message from GreenPlanet <riccawu@MNSi.Net>

TO:  Robert Miller US EPA Region 5 Chicago.

Dear Mr. Miller, are you aware that Detroit Edison is restarting its
mothballed Conners Creek Electric Generating Plant on the shores of the
Detroit River in downtown Detroit, less than a km from the border of Canada?
This plant will burn coal which will adversely affect the ambient air
quality of the transboundary environment between the US and Canada (Detroit
Michigan & Windsor Ontario).

Can you please inform us of any plans the EPA has to intervene in this
matter before the plant starts to burn coal on June 1, 1998.    We are also
cognizant of the fact that the State of Michigan is by law required to
implement federal environmental regulations at the state level, however, our
experience with Michigan and its current Governor (John Engler) would leave
us to believe that only a federal intervention will stop this travesty.  

We also are asking the International Joint Commisson to evaluate this
situation and bring an urgent recommendation to both the US and Canadian
governments that this plant should not be allowed to burn coal which will
affect the health of thousands of people living in the transboundary area.
Currently people living in Southwestern Ontario  are being exposed to some
of the highest levels of smog, particulate and hazardous air pollutants much
this pollution is transported across the international border from the US.

People in Ontario had no prior knowledge or warning that Conners Creek would
be restarted, this is a violation of the US/Canada Air Quality Agreement
which codifies the principle that countries are responsible for the effects
of their air pollution upon one another; and commits both countries to
consult in advance on activities that might cause significant transboundary
air pollution.

A recent report from the Ontario Medical Association suggests that coal
fired plants are producing most of the pollutants that are a major health
issue in the Windsor-Quebec City corridor; sulphur dioxide and oxides of

Please advise us as soon as possible as to what action the EPA will take to
stop Conners Creek from firing up its facility.  Will you refer this to the IJC?

We also suggest that you ask Ontario Hydro to provide any surplus power that
SE Michigan needs to meet peak demand in the summer.  This is a matter of
life or death for thousands of Americans and Canadians.  We hope you will
act now.


Rick Coronado
Research Coordinator
Citizens Environment Alliance of SW Ontario
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