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E-M:/ Do you like the sound of "Senator Tom Alley"????

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Saturdays' Detroit News....


....confirms that Tom Alley is running against Sen. Joel Gougeon (R-Bay City).

As many on this list know, Tom Alley is the Chair of the House Conservation
and Environment Committee who has made a lifelong career of bashing 
environmental protection officials and taking money from the waste disposal
industry.   He was the prime mover of the legislation to deregulate
municipal incinerator ash from being a hazardous waste.   Alley is prone
to explosive or snide outbursts at people he disagrees with at his committee
and using the powers of the chair to juggle witness cards so that committee
are dominated by Lansing lobbyists and business interests, and citizen concerns
get heard last if at all.   Alley is the consumate egotistical, arrogant,
politician who is disinclined to listen to any views of citizens concerned
about the 

Giving Alley the Chair of the House Committee on Conservation and Environment
was the single most inept thing Michigan House Democrats could have done with
respect to challenging John Engler on environmental issues.   That chairmanship
could have been the platform to challenge Engler broadly on environmental and 
conservation issues.   But even now that kind of challenge has not happened from
that corner because Alley, personally, is right up there with Engler at
being an 

Alley once gavelled a public hearing shut with over 30 people waiting to 
testify because "the train is leaving the station" on incinerator ash

Recently, Alley has become the Michigan "darling" Michigan chair of the
American Legislative
Exchange Council, a reactionary national corporate funded group out to 
trash environmental laws.   This is the very same group that promoted the
Pollution Secrecy and Enforcement Laxity legislation so eagerly embraced
by John Engler, Russ Harding, Tom Alley and Loren Bennett and their friends
and buddies in the State Chamber of Commerce, Manufacturers Association
and Chemical Council.

It seems now that Alley is definitely running for the Michigan Senate seat
that runs from Bay City and the counties around the Bay.

I'd urge Bay City enviro's not to sit this one out....  I'd urge folks up there
to try to figure out some common ground with Sen. Joel Gougeon, who I believe
is a farmer by prior occupation, on environmental issues.   Otherwise you 
might have to deal with Tom Alley for the next 4 years....   The district
Ogemaw, Arenac, Bay, Tuscola and Huron Counties.

I've watched Sen. Gougeon in the context of another social change movement
in which I'm involved go from a position of little awareness to substantial 
awareness on important issues raised by this movement.   He is definitely
educable and willing to listen, and I find him personable and likeable as a

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