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E-M:/ Conners Creek Power Plant -Reply

Enviro-Mich message from GreenPlanet <riccawu@MNSi.Net>

Response FROM:  Robert Miller EPA Region 5 Chicago

>The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is
>currently determining whether the Connor's Creek
>facility is an exiting source under the Clean Air Act or a
>new source.  In general, a source which has been
>shut down, but whose emissions have been kept in
>the State's emission inventory and which has
>generally been kept up, is considered an existing
>source for purposes of a re start.  
>If it is an existing source, it may re start based on any
>previous emission limits it was subject to, or became
>subject to since it was closed down.  If it is considered
>a new source and has the potential to emit over 100
>tons of any given pollutant per year, it will be subject to
>the construction permit process of Prevention of
>Significant Deterioration (PSD) and Best Available
>Control Technology (BACT).  Under Michigan rules, if
>its actual emissions are over 50 tons per year, then it
>is subject to the operating permit program.     
>We are carefully monitoring the situation for
>compliance with the Clean Air Act and have and are
>keeping Canadian officials apprised of the Connor's
>Creek situation as it develops.
>>>> GreenPlanet <riccawu@MNSi.Net> 05/16/98
>03:24pm >>>
>TO:  Robert Miller US EPA Region 5 Chicago.
>Dear Mr. Miller, are you aware that Detroit Edison is
>restarting its
>mothballed Conners Creek Electric Generating Plant
>on the shores of the
>Detroit River in downtown Detroit, less than a km from
>the border of Canada?
>This plant will burn coal which will adversely affect the
>ambient air
>quality of the transboundary environment between the
>US and Canada (Detroit
>Michigan & Windsor Ontario).
>Can you please inform us of any plans the EPA has to
>intervene in this
>matter before the plant starts to burn coal on June 1,
>1998.    We are also
>cognizant of the fact that the State of Michigan is by
>law required to
>implement federal environmental regulations at the
>state level, however, our
>experience with Michigan and its current Governor
>(John Engler) would leave
>us to believe that only a federal intervention will stop
>this travesty.  
>We also are asking the International Joint Commission
>to evaluate this
>situation and bring an urgent recommendation to both
>the US and Canadian
>governments that this plant should not be allowed to
>burn coal which will
>affect the health of thousands of people living in the
>transboundary area.
>Currently people living in Southwestern Ontario  are
>being exposed to some
>of the highest levels of smog, particulate and
>hazardous air pollutants much
>this pollution is transported across the international
>border from the US.
>People in Ontario had no prior knowledge or warning
>that Conners Creek would
>be restarted, this is a violation of the US/Canada Air
>Quality Agreement
>which codifies the principle that countries are
>responsible for the effects
>of their air pollution upon one another; and commits
>both countries to
>consult in advance on activities that might cause
>significant transboundary
>air pollution.
>A recent report from the Ontario Medical Association
>suggests that coal
>fired plants are producing most of the pollutants that
>are a major health
>issue in the Windsor-Quebec City corridor; sulphur
>dioxide and oxides of
>Please advise us as soon as possible as to what
>action the EPA will take to
>stop Conners Creek from firing up its facility.  Will you
>refer this to the IJC?
>We also suggest that you ask Ontario Hydro to provide
>any surplus power that
>SE Michigan needs to meet peak demand in the
>summer.  This is a matter of
>life or death for thousands of Americans and
>Canadians.  We hope you will
>act now.
>Rick Coronado
>Research Coordinator
>Citizens Environment Alliance of SW Ontario
>PO Box 548
>Windsor, ON  N9A 6M6
>Ph.  519-973-1116
>Fx.  519-255-7361

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