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Enviro-Mich message from Michigan Land Use Institute <mlui@traverse.com>

Job Announcement


The Michigan Land Use Institute, a non-profit environmental research and
advocacy organization, is searching for a skilled and experienced editor.
The successful candidate will be involved in the production of all
Institute publications, and will serve as Editorial Director of the
quarterly Great Lakes Bulletin.
	The Great Lakes Bulletin offers in-depth reporting and reasoned analysis
about land use issues affecting Michigan, and provides information and
inspiration for citizens to become more involved in designing their own
	The Institute is located in the village of Benzonia, Michigan, in the
northwest corner of the Lower Peninsula. Life here fits those who seek a
simple lifestyle, stunning natural beauty, and a strong sense of community.

Professional Requirements

-Experience as a professional newspaper or magazine editor in the realm of
environmental journalism.
-Ability to employ high journalistic standards to ensure that the
Institute’s publications function as resources for citizen action and serve
to strengthen the effectiveness of grassroots organizing.
-Excellent editing, writing, and grammar skills.
-Familiarity with and commitment to environmental and land use issues.
-Perceptiveness and insight, with an ability to make connections and see
the bigger picture.
-A positive, solutions-oriented approach to addressing environmental and
social problems.
-Strong interpersonal skills to work effectively with writers, artists, and
-Ability to work calmly and efficiently under deadline.
-Strong planning and organizing skills.
-Ability to conceptualize all components of a publication.
-Ability to maintain thorough attention to detail through every stage of
the print production process.
-Working knowledge of page layout and graphic design principles.
-Willingness to learn and apply the Institute’s print production system.
-Collaborative and collegial work style.
-Openness to seeking out constructive evaluations.
-Resourcefulness and ingenuity to make the most of a small budget.
-Ability to forecast needs for continual improvement of all aspects of the
Institute’s publications.
-Commitment to service in the public interest.

Editorial Director
Great Lakes Bulletin (circulation 4,000)

-Work with writers and Publications Coordinator on concept, story &
reporting assignments, and choosing visuals.
-Produce and maintain the Story Budget.
-Work with writers to edit and re-draft articles: Emphasis on organization,
expression, consistency, accuracy, clarity, civility, readability,
-Work with writers and Publications Coordinator on photo assignments and
-Work with artists, photographers and Publications Coordinator on
commissioned visuals.
-Write captions, headlines, inserts, and short features in collaboration
with writers.
-Coordinate with writers on fact-checking.
-Work with the Publications Coordinator on design & layout.
-Proof text/FPO draft and convey changes to Publications Coordinator.
-Route final mechanicals draft with all visuals, headlines, and captions to
writers, artists, and photographers.
-Proof and convey changes for final galleys to Publications Coordinator.
-Check the printer’s conversion proof, and convey any changes to printer.

Managing Editor

Reports, Brochures, Fact Sheets, Member Advisories & Renewal Letters,
Posters, Advertisements

-Work with writers and Publications Coordinator on concept, approach, and
-Produce and maintain a Story Budget.
-Edit and re-draft materials with writers. Emphasis as above.
-Work with writers and Publications Coordinator on choosing visuals.
-Print production process as in the Great Lakes Bulletin.

Important Policy Statements, Official Letters, Newspaper Articles

-Work with writers and Publications Coordinator on concept, approach, and
-Edit and re-draft text with writers.
-Writers produce final copy following Institute style guidelines.

On-Line Publishing & Web Site

-Work with staff as in the "print production" process for new text and

General Production

-Work with the Publications Coordinator to maintain the style guide and
procedures manual.
-Work with the Publications Coordinator to source the most
environmentally-friendly supplies, papers, inks, and production practices.
-Work with the Office Manager to ensure that vendors and contractors
implement these specifications.

Computer Skills: Excellent familiarity and comfort with Microsoft Word,
Adobe PageMaker, Eudora Email, Netscape Navigator, and the Windows 95 and
Macintosh operating systems.
Hours: Full time.
Availability: Immediate. Must be willing to relocate to Benzonia, Michigan.
Salary: Low- to mid-30’s, plus benefits.

To apply, send a cover letter, resume, examples of published work, and at
least three references by June 3, 1998 to:
Hans Voss
Managing Director
Michigan Land Use Institute
845 Michigan Avenue
P.O. Box 228
Benzonia, MI 49616

The Michigan Land Use Institute is an independent, non-profit organization
that conducts research and works with policy makers and citizens to link
environmental goals with economic development. The Institute is an equal
opportunity employer, considering candidates without regard to gender,
race, sexual preference, religion, or political affiliation.



"Careful research and reasoned advocacy
to protect the environment, enhance
economic opportunity, and support
vibrant communities."

P.O. Box 228
Benzonia, MI 49616
616-882-4723 /*\ 616-882-7350 fax

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