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E-M:/ Enviro-Mich Administrivia

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>


Item #1  --   malfunctions...

This is just a note to let the list know that there was some kind of 
malfunction with Enviro-Mich last week for about two days, in case
you sent a message to the list and never got it.   The list should
be working properly now.   You can resend your material if still
relevant and you didn't see it on the list or if you received it but
it was corrupted.

Item #2  --   how to unsubscribe

If you wish to unsubscribe, send an email message to:  


One line message body:      unsubscribe enviro-mich

You must send this from an email client with  the same 
login and domain name as when you subscribed.   Please do
not try to broadcast unsubscribe messages to the entire list.

Item #3  --   This is a volunteer activity....

Folks should not expect an immediate reply on any email
sent to the me as list manager.   I am traveling considerably
more these days  (attempting to propagate "Sagady methods"
to other states)  and I never check email from the road).   So
please don't expect immediate replies.

Item #4   --   Bounced items...

I reserve the right to act or not act on forwarding bounced items
that are sent to me as my own time and discretion permit.   I 
cannot guarentee that a bounced item will be forwarded.   Best
bet is to properly sign onto the list in order to get your article
distributed and to make sure that any changes in your domain
name have been reflected on the list by unsubscribing your 
old domain name and re-subscribing properly with your modified
address....otherwise your attempts to post to the list may fail.

Item #4  ---   Enviro-Mich Phone Calls  to Sagady

I'll assist neophyte-kind of folks over the phone
with getting onto the list if they call me, but 
I can't guarentee call backs on other list business since I don't 
have a budget for long distance calls for this...  and, running from 
a home office, dealing with phone calls on list business doesn't
let me handle this in a way that is efficient for me....    if you need
to communicate with me for list-related business, please
send email only to:   ajs@sagady.com

NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!!!            ajs@sagady.com
Alex J. Sagady & Associates        Email:  ajs@sagady.com
Environmental Consulting and Database Systems
PO Box 39  East Lansing, MI  48826-0039  
(517) 332-6971 (voice); (517) 332-8987 (fax)

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and Conservation Issues and Michigan-based Citizen Action.   Archives at

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