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E-M:/ Snooze--you lose.Drain code

Enviro-Mich message from Ben Julian <benj@tir.com>

Good Letter from MUCC on Drain Code revisions.  This 300 page bill just
might slip out of committee and to the House Floor where it could get voted
on by legislators who are inundated with bills before the recess.  How would
they know that they'd be authorizing a mere 5 people to start a drainage
action for which thousands in a district would have to pay?  How would they
know that there is no petition to stop a new drain from being dug or an
"improvement" from widening, deepening and straightening?  How would they
know that if you try to take it to court NO NEW EVIDENCE CAN BE INTRODUCED?
Not only does this bill lack good environmental thinking, it also contains
some extremely undemocratic provisions--truly rotten for all citizens.  Who
wrote the bill?  Drain commissioners and Dep't of Ag.  Who supports the
bill?  Farm Bureau and developers.  Who opposes it?  Concerned Citizens for
Drain Code Reform (farmers who have bothered to read and think about it);
all the enviro groups who have researched it; taxpayer groups.  Don't sleep
on this one.  All Michigan will lose. 

Rep. Wetters says the full bill with amendments will be available this week
and out of his House Ag Committee by June 4. I bet you feel like calling or
e-mailing committee members: Rep. Howard Wetters (517) 373-0158
hwetter@house.state.mi.us  or Rep. Ed Vaughn of Detroit, the Vice-chair
(517)373-1008   evaughn@house.state.mi.us  or Rep. Mike Green of Mayville
(in the Thumb area) who is the Minority Vice Chair (517) 373-0476
mgreen@house.state.mi.us.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!  Hope you
are back from vacation renewed and ready to protest!

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