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E-M:/ EcoRide June 14

Enviro-Mich message from ecaa@igc.org (ecology center)

Electronic Brochure and Registration Form

The 27th Annual Ecology Center Bike-A-Thon * The "EcoRide"

Sunday June 14, 1998

The 27th annual Bike-A-Thon has a new name, "EcoRide."  The event still
benefits the Ecology Center of Ann Arbor, a regional non-profit
organization working for a clean, healthy environment with its pollution
prevention, groundwater protection, recycling, bicycling/alternative
transportation, environmental justice and education initiatives.  The
EcoRide is the Ecology Center's largest fundraising event and your
participation is important and appreciated!

Registration is simple.  You can pay a registration fee or collect pledges
for your ride.  Preregistration (deadline: June 12) saves you money.  The
registration form is at the end of this brochure.  If you would like the
print version of this brochure, please contact us at <<ecaa@igc.org>> or at
(734) 761-3186 ext. 114.

Choose from four great routes:  three scenic road rides starting and ending
in Ann Arbor's West Park and a new "No Cars/No Hills" Loop inside Hudson
Mills Metropark, located near Dexter.

New 2.8-Mile Loop:  Entirely within Hudson Mills Metropark on a paved
hike-bike trail.  Repeat, reverse or vary the route for more miles.
Relaxing and safe for children/families.  Register and begin ride at Hudson
Mills' Pine View shelter between 10:00 a.m. and noon.  We will send you a
coupon for free entry into the Metropark.

12-Mile Route:  Starts and ends with hills but middle is generally flat
along the winding Huron River with the midpoint at Delhi, a pleasant
metropark.  Register and begin ride between 10:00 a.m. and noon.

28-Mile Route:  Also travels along Huron River Drive and continues past
Delhi Park and Dexter (Mast Rd.) to the turnaround at Hudson Mills Park, a
beautiful park with a checkpoint at the Pine View shelter.  Register and
begin ride between 10:00 a.m. and noon.

57-Mile Route:  Good for stronger riders.  It also starts out along the
Huron River and includes rolling hills through some of the most beautiful
biking in this area.  The route winds around a lot of lakes and travels
through two counties (Washtenaw and Livingston).  Registration and ride
begins at 8:30 a.m.

Maps and Directions:  All routes are clearly marked.  Detailed maps and
checkpoint/reststop lists will be provided to all riders on the day of the

Honor Ride Alternative:  The June 14 EcoRide happens rain or shine.
Consider an Honor Ride on a different date and equivalent distance/route if
it's more convenient.  Call 761-3186 x114 for details.

Plenty of fresh water and energy snacks on all routes.  More filling food
and ice cream from Ben and Jerry's at the end of the ride. Picnic and
playground areas at start and finish (West Park), along the routes and at
Hudson Mills Metropark.  All road routes are furnished with sag wagons for
tired cyclists, and radio communications will be provided by telephones
from Ameritech.  Official EcoRide t-shirts, made from organically grown
cotton, available with partial proceeds donated to the Ecology Center.
Post ride activities include: music by The Out Loud Chorus in the band
shell, information tables, riders raffle, Spinning demonstration,
(high-intensity workout to music on a stationary bike), and massages
provided by Ann Arbor School of Massage & Bodywork and Body & Soul Massage

There's convenient, free parking  near West Park on adjacent streets, the
Mack Elementary School lot (off Brooks St.) and the city lot/structure at
Ashley and Ann Streets.

All EcoRiders are eligible for incentive prizes.  Raise these amounts from
sponsors for the prizes listed:

$100 - EcoRide T-shirt
$250 - EcoRide T-shirt plus a bicycle helmet
$500 - EcoRide T-shirt plus a $50 gift certificate to area fine dining resturant

Grand Prizes:  The following prizes are awarded to EcoRiders who bring in
the most sponsor proceeds in the following categories.

Adult  and Youth:  $200 worth of gift certificates for the top fundraising
adult and youth at the following bicycle shops: $50 to Jerry's Bikes in
Plymouth, $50 to Campus Bike & Toy, $50 to Ann Arbor Cyclery, and $50 to
Cycle Cellar.

Team Prize:  A team is a group of 3-10 people who register together under
the same name - members needn't ride together.  Teams may have business,
organizations, family or friendship affiliation.  Be sure to identify your
team on your sponsor sheet.

Adult Team Prize:   Free Michigan Theater passes and an ice cream gift

Youth/Family Prize:  Free passes to Washtenaw County Round Hills Water Park
and ice cream gift certificate.

Sponsor money must be turned in to the Ecology Center by July 14 to qualify
for prizes.

Raffle:  All registered EcoRiders receive a raffle ticket and have a chance
to win a prize.

If you're an occasional cyclist, try a ride or two close to your preferred
distance before June 14.  Have your bike in good repair.  A pump, patch
kit, extra tube, road tools, a light jacket, sunscreen and a water bottle
are good to have along.  On your ride, observe traffic laws:  ride to the
right;  not more than
two abreast or single file when traffic is approaching from behind;  ride
with, not against, traffic;  and signal for turns.  Of course wear a
helmet.  Most of all, have fun!

1998 EcoRide Theme:  "Folks & Spokes" reflects bicycling's contribution to
personal health, a clean environment and strong community.  It also
highlights the Ecology Centers' new ReBicycle Project to rehabilitate and
recycle used bikes to local youth and adults.  Find out how to donate your
skills or a bicycle by calling the Center.

Register Early:  We have a 1,000 rider event limit.  Preregistration ends
Friday, June 12.  The first 350 riders receive a complimentary embroidered
patch.  Pre-order to assure an official EcoRide t-shirt.

EcoRide Info Hotline
* Phone: 734-761-3186x114
* Fax: 734-663-2414
* Email: ecaa@igc.org
* Website: www.hvcn.org/info/ecaa/home.html
* Address: The Ecology Center, 117 N. Division St., Ann Arbor MI 48104

EcoRide is supported by the Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society and the
League of Michigan Bicyclists.  Call AABTS Hotline for schedules/tours
734-913-9851.  For more information on LMB, call 1-888 MI-BIKES, or visit
its website at <<http://www.lmb.org>>.

There are two ways to register for the EcoRide.  To preregister, print out
a hard copy of this Registration Form.  Complete Sections 5A and 5B, then
send the form and your check to the Ecology Center.  Alternatively, you can
register by collecting pledges.  To collect pledges, fill out sections 5A,
5B, and 5C.  Bring your sponsor sheet to the registration table on June 14,
and be sure you keep a copy of your sponsor sheet to collect pledges.

Mail registration forms to:  EcoRide, Ecology Center, 117 N. Division St.,
Ann Arbor, MI 48104.  Please make checks payable to the Ecology Center.  Do
not mail cash.

__ Registration fee enclosed $ ____
Preregistration:  $15 (adult) $10 (youth, grade 12 and younger), if
received by June 12, 1998.
Day of Ride:  $20 (adult) $15 (youth )
Free with $50 or more in sponsors.

__ Here's an extra donation to support the Ecology Center's environmental
work: $ ____

__ I'll collect pledges.  (Bring this original form to the EcoRide and keep
a photocopy for yourself.)

I'll ride the __Loop  __ 12-mile __28-mile __ 57-mile
__Adult   __Youth: age ___

Team Name (if appropriate): ________________

Section 5B. WAIVER
Participating in the EcoRide involves risks of accidents caused by motor
vehicles, pedestrians, animals, road defects and other bicyclists.
Injuries from bicycle accidents may be serious or even fatal.  I am aware
of the risks and waive any claims of liability against the Ecology Center
of Ann Arbor.  I acknowledge that I have been advised to wear a bicycle

Rider's Signature:


Rider's  Name (print clearly):


City, State, Zip:


Parent/Guardian's Signature (for youth riders):

Section 5C. Sponsor Sheet
For each pledge, please list your sponsor's name, address, phone, and pledge.

Add more sponsors below.  There are prizes for high pledge-getters.

Wilderness Outfitters (333 S. Main St. in Ann Arbor) will sponsor all
EcoRiders for 25/mile and Great Lakes Cycling & Fitness (564 S. Main St.
in Ann Arbor) will sponsor everyone for 20/mile.  Stop at these two stores
before the ride, sign up and then return with your validated checkpoint
card and sign in to get credit for your ride.

Ecology Center of Ann Arbor
117 N. Division
Ann Arbor, MI  48104
(734)663-2400 or (734)761-3186(ph)
(734)663-2414 (fax)
*please note new area code

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