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E-M:/ Senate Disappoints with Timber Marking

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

As was unfortunately anticipated, the Michigan Senate maintained the mandated
timber marking levels in the DNR budget when HB 5591 was passed out of the
full Senate.  So, particularly for those of you who wrote your State Senator
and asked him/her to oppose this mandated timber marking on State Forests,
this is a good time to call or write again and ask how he/she voted, and what
he/she did to try to get this outrageous measure removed from the DNR budget.
Insist on an answer -- they are supposed to listen to their constituents, not
just the timber lobby in Lansing.

The bill now goes to Conference Committee, where it is possible that changes
could occur, but not expected.  From there to the Governor. 

One clear message for those who care about forests for more than just 2 by 4s
and chips is that your elected officials need to hear about what you find of
concern and interest in the State Forests in Michigan.  When you go camping or
hiking, send him or her a postcard telling him/er that you depend on the
forest for your recreational activities.  When you go hunting, let them know
you enjoy the wild areas -- drop a postcard and tell him/er how much you value
these lands.  When you birdwatch, drop a note and tell him or her how much the
habitat for these birds matters to you, and how our State Forests should be
managed to provide homes for birds, not just stumps and pulp.  When you go to
a candidate forum ask questions about how the candidates will protect our
state forests. Everytime you think about how important these public lands are
to you, think about how your representatives and senators in Lansing need to
know that, because right now the timber industry has their ear, not you.

Anne Woiwode
Sierra Club

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