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E-M:/ CORRECTION!! Senate DNR Budget Timber Marking provision

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

OOPS!!  GOOD NEWS for a change!  Turns out the on Third Reading of HB 5591,
the DNR Budget Bill yesterday, Senator Alma Wheeler Smith and Senator George
McManus cosponsored an amendment that passed (only one negative vote -- David
Jaye) that modified the Timber Marking Mandate in the DNR Budget Bill to say:

"provided that the department takes into consideration the impact of timber
harvesting on wildlife habitat and recreation uses."

This is a VERY IMPORTANT change -- presumably this will reassert the multiple
use nature of our State Forests, allowing the DNR to decline to put up more
timber than it should if it cannot assess the impacts of that timber cutting
on habitat and recreation. 

The bill now goes to Conference Committee - The two versions, now each with an
amendment, will need to be reconciled, and this dramatically increases the
likelihood of a good outcome!

My apologies for the misinformation -- I was not up on the fact the the Senate
allows amendments on Third reading of bills, so thought the issue was dead.
Oh, well, if I gotta be wrong, I'd prefer being wrong this way!

Hey, folks -- how 'bout saying thanks to Alma Wheeler Smith?

Anne Woiwode
Sierra Club.

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