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E-M:/ Solar Culture/Solar Gardening Workshop

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Solar Culture/Solar Gardening with solar gardening expert and author of
several books Leandre Poisson with current co-author Gina Radford. Friday
evening talk(June 12, 6:30p.m. to 9:30p.m.) & two day workshop(June 13 & 14
10a.m. to 4p.m.) in Oxford, Michigan.

Two day workshop will focus on how to organically produce food for yourself
and the mouths of the three new humans added to this planet every second of
every day.  Workshop will address managing & planning your food supply, 11
month gardening(yes, even in Michigan), building & maintaining healthy soil,
harvesting & storing, principles & uses of solar appliances.
Lunch, camping(if you wish), and Friday evening lecture included in workshop
fee of $175.00/ limited scholarships available/maximum 20 participants.  For
more Info. &/or registration: The Imagine-Render Group/2691 Noble Rd. Oxford,
MI 48370.  248-628-4842 or e-mail Imagineren@aol.com.

thank you for posting.

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