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E-M:/ Polluter Pack

Enviro-Mich message from Lisa Wozniak <lcvmi@igc.apc.org>

I thought the enviro mich community might want to know about the Federation
of State Conservation Voter Leagues and their new Polluter Pack.  If you
have any questions regarding the MI LCV (which is a completely separate
entity from the national LCV and the LCV Education Fund), please contact me
at lcvmi@igc.apc.org or Pam Ortner at MILCV@aol.com.  You can also access
the Federation web site at:  http://www.nylcv.org/federation/.

The Federation of State  Conservation  Voter  Leagues  released Wednesday,
May 27, 1998 the
annual list of anti-environmental state legislators the "Polluter Pack of
-- rating 24 state legislators from both parties among the lowest- ranked
legislators on environmental issues in the nation.                          
   The nominees were chosen based on a combination of factors including their
voting records and/or anti-environmental leadership on one or more issues.
   The Federation of State  Conservation  Voter  Leagues  and its members plan
to release the Polluter Pack list annually, to focus the public's attention on
ill-advised attacks on environmental protection by state legislators from both

   "Many state legislatures have become captured by private interests that
relatively little effort are able to have a major impact on the direction of
state laws effecting public health and the environment," said Tensie Whelan,
executive director of the Federation of State  Conservation  Voter  Leagues.  
"It is time for voters to pay attention to their state legislators and send a
clear message that they want strong environmental protections."

   The Federation of State  Conservation  Voter  Leagues  is a newly formed
bipartisan nonprofit organization that works to increase the capacity of state
environmental leaders to hold elected officials accountable by helping to
strengthen and establish state  conservation  voter  leagues  across the
country.  The Polluter Pack program aims to encourage both the Democratic and
Republican parties to set high standards of environmental leadership among

The two Michigan Nominees are:
   Rep. Tom Alley (D-HD 103): As chair of the House Conservation, Environment,
and Recreation Committee, Rep. Alley has thwarted efforts to prevent pollution
and provide accountability in the processes of the state's environmental
agencies.  He sponsored a legislation gutting Michigan's polluter pay law,
supported an initiative to deny citizen's access to environmental
decision-making, and refused to hold hearings on key environmental issues.  He
is also the prime sponsor of a bill that would destroy county control of solid
waste shipments, providing for more landfills and more out-of-state garbage

   Sen. Loren Bennett (R-SD 8): As Chair of the Natural Resources and
Environmental Affairs Committee, Sen. Bennett has sponsored and supported
legislation that would destroy many of Michigan's environmental protection
laws.  Among other anti-environmental measures, he introduced "polluter
legislation that provides corporations with the right to keep information on
environmental violations secret or to receive immunity from prosecution by
confessing to the violation.
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