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E-M:/ Mercury Pollution Prevention Progress Report

Enviro-Mich message from "Martha Waszak" <WASZAKM@state.mi.us>

A report on progress of the Michigan Mercury Pollution Prevention (M2P2) Task Force activities can now be accessed electronically on the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Environmental Assistance Division home page.  Mercury Pollution Prevention in Michigan, is now available on the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), Environmental Assistance Division Home Page.  The report, which will continue to be updated periodically, presents the timetable and progress made in implementing the recommendations of the M2P2 Task Force.

*Mercury, a toxic, bioaccumulative pollutant, is not just a Michigan concern,* stated G. Tracy Mehan, III, Director of the Office of the Great Lakes and Chairman of the M2P2 Task Force, *but a national and a global concern as well.  Michigan is proactive in its efforts to protect its natural resources and citizens from exposure to mercury.* 

Some of the notable accomplishments cited in the report include: 

 * The American Automobile Manufacturers Association has made significant progress in addressing the elimination, disposal and recycling of mercury switches in the fleet of member company vehicles.  

 * On April 20, 1996, the State of Michigan became a Green Lights partner and to date has completed upgrades on 4,185,135 square feet of its state facilities with reduced mercury, energy efficient lighting.  Surveys have been completed for 14,638,715 additional square feet with upgrades to follow. 

 * Through the cooperative efforts of the MDEQ and the Michigan Health and Hospital Association (MHHA),  Michigan hospitals have been encouraged to discontinue the practice of sending mercury thermometers home with newborns, and have implemented programs on outreach and education in an effort to encourage the phase out of mercury-containing products and devices in healthcare facilities and laboratories throughout Michigan. 

 * The National Institute of Dental Research (NIDR) and the American Association of Dental Schools (AADS) have encouraged the shift toward non-amalgam restorations and are currently researching and testing mercury-free replacement materials.

The report is a chronological diary of events and implementation strategies, and provides summaries of  events and accomplishments.  Updates will be provided at approximately six month intervals until the project is concluded.

The report can be accessed at:  

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the report and can be downloaded from this site.
For further information about the report or the M2P2 Task Force, contact Steve Kratzer, Environmental Assistance Division, MDEQ, at 517-373-0939.


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