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E-M:/ Asphalt plant noise and air pollution

Enviro-Mich message from danb@ic.net

There is an asphalt plant located in Warren MI on the border of Center
Line, which frequently creates a lot of noise and air pollution.
(Angleo's Crushed Concrete) Many people in my neighborhood are concerned
about this. I have contacted the company in the past and they have said
they were working on these problems.  We need to educate ourselves on
this issue in order to have a meaningful dialog with the company.  I
would appreciate it if anyone could answer any of the following
questions or direct me to sources of information about them.

1. Does the smoke created by this plant present any health dangers to
plants, animals and humans and can it cause property damage?  Where can
I get the material data safety sheet if there is one about asphalt?

2. I would like to compare the scrubbing system and noise prevention
technologies (if any) that this plant uses with other plants that
operate at similar capacities.  Where would one look for information of
this type?

3. It is my understanding that odor and health concerns would be under
the jurisdiction of EPA and state authorities and that noise problems
would be a matter for the city of Warren.  Does anyone know exactly
which persons and departments should be contacted on the state and
national level about this? Phone numbers and email addresses would be
appreciated. If anyone has dealt with problems of this nature or knows
of othere organizations that may have useful information, I would like
to know about that also.

Thank you.

Dan Butterworth


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