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Enviro-Mich message from Karen Tuerk <ktuerk@execpc.com>


We Live to Fight Another Day!!


Just when we thought the only chance to stop the three anti-
environmental riders now on the Federal Transportation bill was a White
House veto, we learn Congress wasn't comfortable with some of the
bill's provisions and is working on a "corrections" bill.  This new
bill has passed the House of Representatives.  However, several
Senators have "holds" on the bill in the Senate.  The "corrections"
bill may not be voted on until Tuesday (6/9/98).

This means we have a window of opportunity to push for removal of the
three riders (SEE RIDERS BELOW).  Please contact your Senators
immediately and ask them to vote no on the ISTEA Corrections bill
until *ALL* the riders are removed.  If your Senator is friendly,
you may also want to ask him/her to put a hold on the bill until the
riders are removed.

Remember that your Senators will probably be in the
home state over the weekend - where you should have
a better chance of reaching them personally.

Not only do we have a chance of stopping these riders, but we will send
a "No Riders - No Rollbacks" message to Washington that will help end
"rider mania!"


Roger Featherstone
GREEN Director

Call your Senators immediately and ask them to vote no on the ISTEA
"corrections" bill until all the riders are removed.  You may also want
to ask your Senator to put a hold on the bill until it is clean from
anti-environmental riders.

         We expect the bill will come for a vote on 6/9/98.

Call the White House and ask President Clinton to veto the bill unless
it is *clean*.

        The White House Comment line is:  (202) 456-1111.
        The President's e-mail is:  president@whitehouse.gov

Spread this alert far and wide!


1. Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness (BWCA)
Representatives Oberstar (D-MN) and Vento (D-MN) attached a rider to
ISTEA allowing trucks and jeeps to haul boats across two portage roads
and will allow motorboat use on the tiny Canoe (107 acres) and
Alder (342 acres) Lakes.  This rider sets a bad national precedent for
wilderness areas and will mark the first time Congress has
intentionally rolled back wilderness protections for a federal

2.  Denali Road
Senator Frank Murkowski (R-AK) has placed a rider on ISTEA that
appropriates $1.5 Million for "Denali North Access Route Construction."
The rider mandates construction of a new route into Denali National
Park from the north that circumvents NEPA and other environmental laws.
The north route has never had a hearing in Congress and has never been
studied.  Further the appropriation opens the door for further money
from Congress to build the road.

3.  Delay in Cleaning the Air in National Parks and Wilderness
Senator Inhofe (R-OK) added this rider to ISTEA that delays for almost
a decade state action to address pollution clouding vistas in National
Parks.  Under the existing Clean Air Act, state plans for addressing
pollution in parks and wilderness were due next year, but the rider
overrides that requirement and prohibits EPA from requiring the plan
for a decade.  (Sec.6102(c)(2))

For more information contact greeninfo@defenders.org

Roger Featherstone, GREEN Director
PO Box 40046, Albuquerque, NM 87196-0046
(505) 277-8302  fax, (505) 277-5483 rfeather@defenders.org

Karen Tuerk
GREEN Midwest Office
1121 University Ave
Madison, WI 53715

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