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  WASHINGTON - Government agencies will have a harder time making parent
corporations clean up contamination caused by subsidiary firms following a
U.S. Supreme Court ruling Monday in a Muskegon County pollution lawsuit.
But the justices' unanimous decision still gave the government a new chance to
try to recover cleanup costs from a New Jersey company whose subsidiary owned
the former Ott/Story/Cordova chemical plant site in Dalton Township. All U.S.
lawyers have to do is prove parent company officials had so much direct
control over the plant that they were the actual operators of the polluting

LANSING - It's been eight years since V. Harry Adrounie began worrying about
the quality of the tests used to detect harmful substances in Michigan's water
and soil. 
An environmental health consultant, Adrounie knew that the laboratories doing
the tests should be regulated as stringently as medical labs that test human
tissue for disease. 
Although Adrounie's efforts have attracted the support of a string of
conservative Republican lawmakers, little has been done to regulate the
fiercely competitive laboratory industry. 
Much of the environmental work done for private companies to show they are in
compliance with state regulations goes through laboratories with no state
Not only is public health at stake, but tests done by environmental
laboratories determine how millions of dollars are spent on pollution cleanups
and controls. 

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