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E-M:/ More on Wayne Co. Wetland Mitigation Bank ordinance

Enviro-Mich message from Lydia H Fischer <lydfisch@mindspring.com>

On June 4 Wayne Co.Commissioners passed the ordinance creating the Wetland
Mitigation Bank.  Conservationist Bill Craig, Sierra Club SEMG and SEMI
Land Conservancy lobbied successfully to incorporate amendments (1)
requiring fiscal accountability and (2) mandating that the process of
wetland creation and marketing of credits be open to comments from the
public in open hearings.  In a significant victory, the final version of
the ordinance does not earmark popular park lands around the Rouge River
for Phase 1 wetland creation. However, we anticipate that the Wayne County
Executive Committee established by the new ordinance and the Michigan
Department of Environmental Quality will get to work quickly to approve
wetland creation in those preselected sites. There is not much time.
Irreplaceable habitat for wild flora and fauna widely enjoyed by the public
is likely to be destroyed or jeopardized to create wetland areas unless the
public demands otherwise.
Whoever is interested in the issue of wetland mitigation banks and/or wants
to help  preserve these park lands instead of watching them turned into
wetlands should communicate his or her opposition to the County
Commissioners and demand that decisions be taken on a site-by-site basis
and be subject to public comment.
Questions should be directed to Lydia at my e-mail address, Anna Holden at
313-331-0932, or Jack Smiley at 734-722-7973. Thanks.

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