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E-M:/ URGENT Your Help Needed to Keep Wolves Alive in the U.S.!

Enviro-Mich message from LexAnima@aol.com

Emergency Call To Action Alert To Stop Early Delisting of the Wolf -- PLEASE
Wolf activists in Minnesota have been told that Bruce Babbitt, Secretary of
the Interior, is about to implement early delisting of the wolf in this

We must get e-mails or call Bruce Babbitt this week, next week will be too
late!  Minnesota is one state that is advocating for a RECREATIONAL SPORTS
HUNTING AND TRAPPING PROGRAM  to "control" the wolf population and are waiting
for the wolf to be delisted to start wolf hunting.  To go from the protection
of the Endangered Species Act protection to a public hunt would not look good
to the citizens of this country nor the USFWS.  

This early delisting will affect the Western Great Lakes Population
(Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan) and also could affect the entire Eastern
Population from North Dakota to Maine as well as states like Montana and
Idaho.  It could have devesting consequences for the wolf in this country.
Although the Western Great Lakes wolf is recovering well, it is the only major
wolf population in the contiguous states, but still only represents one
percent of its former range.  The numbers of the wolf population in the lower
48 state still remains severely threatened.

We are asking that you e-mail, or call Bruce Babbitt  (Secretary of the
Interior, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
ASAP at:  (Don't Wait)
				Phone      (202) 208-7351
				e-mail:     exsec@ios.doi.gov

Let Bruce know that you oppose "EARLY DELISTING OF THE WOLF" in the areas of
the Western Great Lakes, Eastern and Western wolf populations.  Let him know
that as we are approaching recovery of the wolf in this country, --we must
have more time to assure that states are not rushing into management plans--
that do not have the best interest of the wolf in mind and of all the citizens
of this country.  

For Bruce to even CONSIDER such an act is a betrayal to each and every citizen
who contributed endless time, energy and money into the endangered species
programs throughout Minnesota and the nation.  However, the blood sports
community is acting as a united front against the wolves.  The DNR, state and
federal agencies, Safari Club International, sheep farmers, the Federal Fish
and Wildlife Service and Ted Nugent-types are lined up to kill the wolves.
The only thing holding them back is a thin yet DETERMINED line consisting of
the Indian Community, the deep ecologists and animal rights activists.
Without your immediate attention, wolves WILL BE KILLED FOR SPORT in

The wolf is a priceless national resource and it only exists today because of
Federal protective measures implemented in the early 70's.  The wolf still
remains highly vulnerable, history has repeatedly demonstrated how
quickly wolves can be eliminated once they come into intensive contact with
hostile human activity.  We must act now to stop this QUICK DELISTING!  

D'Arcy Kemnitz
612 371 3063

(taken from)
Jean Brave Heart
Minnesota Wolf Alliance

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