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E-M:/ Great Lakes Piping Plovers need your help NOW!

Enviro-Mich message from Linda_Rosenthal@hermanmiller.com

Hi, folks:

There are only twenty-four known pairs of nesting piping plovers in the
Great Lakes area.  Pressure from human disturbance, and other sources such
as roaming, unleashed pet dogs, is wreaking havoc with this tenuous grip on
residency and the plovers' ability to reproduce successfully.  I am
networking with as many people as possible to obtain volunteer patrollers
for the perimeters of the plover nesting areas, which include a recently
discovered site unfortunately located near a heavily used Lake Michigan
beach.  What you and your friends can do is this:

Call Sharon Howard at Wilderness state park (616-436-5381) or at home
(616-548-5733).  Volunteers are desparately needed right now, throughout
the week and especially on the heavy use weekend/holiday periods until
approximately mid-August.  There are perks to the service:  a free night of
camping for every 8 hours of duty that you serve, a very cool  t-shirt,
kudos from people who understand what you are doing, and, primarily, the
awesome (cynics might say awful) knowledge that you are probably standing
in the breach between these little shorebirds and their extinction in this
area.  I spent Memorial Day weekend at Wilderness on this duty, took a
couple of friends who had never done anything like this before and we had
an excellent experience.  Please help!!

Linda Rosenthal
Grand Rapids

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