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Re: E-M:/ Detroit EdisonConners Creek Start-up - retry

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In a message dated 98-06-24 14:56:02 EDT, you write:

<< Attempts by Wayne County and DE to focus on ambient air quality impacts,
rather than emission rates are predictable.  As you know, the focus should,
instead, be on Conners Creek's emission rates because emission rates from
grandfathered plants like Conners Creek are 3-4 times higher than new sources.

If you look at ambient air quality impacts, the reopening of the Conners Creek
plant also is a loser.  The plant will be operated as a peaking plant during
the days when the system load is the highest.  These are the same days when
the weather conditions are perfect for the formation of ozone, sunny and high
temperatures.  Therefore, the operation of this plant will most definately
contribute to the formation of ozone which would impact ambient air quality in
Wayne County and other downwind communities.  So, what kind of logic (or
slight of hand) are Wayne County and Edison using to state that this plant
will not contribute to ambient air quality issues?

Finally, what happened to Detroit Edison's commitment to solar electricity?
Solar systems are perfect for summertime peaking, even in Michigan.  When the
temperatures get hot, the sun is shining, the air conditioners are on, and the
solar panels could be producing electricity.  So, Detroit Edison where's
SolarCurrents when it could really be used? 

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