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Governors lobby for slowing down smog cleanup plans while their states violate federal ozone smog standards...
Yesterday, six Midwest and Southeast governors wrote a letter to President Clinton, proposing an "alternative" plan to address ozone transport in the eastern half of the country-a plan that would require power plants to do virtually nothing more in the near term.      
These governors were:
* West Virginia Governor Cecil Underwood 
* Virginia Governor James Gilmore 
* Ohio Governor George Voinovich 
* Michigan Governor John Engler 
* Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist and 
* Alabama Governor Fob James 

The coalition members that didn't sign includes:
* Indiana Governor Frank O'Bannon 
* Illinois Governor Jim Edgar 
* South Carolina Governor David Beasley 

These "Smoggy Six" governors have all fought clean air regulations in their states, and are now catering to the demands of their states' largest polluters, coal fired power plants, even as they are experiencing violations of the one and eight-hour ozone standards.  
ACTION:  Contact these governors and write letters to the editor of your newspaper expressing your disappointment. Point out the number of times your state has violated the ozone standard this summer, putting countless citizens at risk from breathing dirty air (children, elderly, asthmatics, athletes).
To find out how many times your area has violated the ozone standard, check NESCAUM's web site (www.nescaum.org).  Be aware that it's not complete so you may want to follow-up with your own agency.
Details of the the Governors' Alternate Dirty Air Plan:
Phase One:  reduce NOx emissions from utilities by 65 percent  (from 1990 levels) by 2004 (a  .25lbs/mmBtu system wide emissions rate). No cap. No NOx budget...
EPA's NOx SIP call which will affect 22 states (comment deadline was June 25th) proposes an 85% reduction by 2005, a NOx emissions rate of .15lbs/mmBtu, with controls in place by 2002; and sets a cap for NOx emissions.
Phase 2: they claim they will meet EPA's new 8 hour ozone standard by 2009, 3 years before EPA's deadline-in other words, their Phase 1 will be so effective that will have no trouble in meeting the new standards...
(for a copy of the letter, the alternate plan and the Clean Air Trust's press release, contact Katherine at 202-289-2429)
Special Footnote for Michigan. Even as Wayne County Air Quality, Michicgan ADEQ Air Quuality Division and EPA ask Detroit Edison for more info  about the Conners Creek and warn against start-up, test firings have begun at the 50 year old coal plant. Edison expects Conners Creek to be on line by July 1, with a commitment to the Michigan Public Service Commission to operate for peaking on the hottest days. These are the same days when its NOx emissions are most likely to contribute to ozone formation and violations of the air quality standards. 

So o o o o o ,when you call Governor Engler to complain about Michigan's ducking the NOx SIP call, tell him that after 10 years+ off line, Conners Creek.should be reviewed as a new source.
Governor John Engler,
Olds Plaza, 2d floor
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, MI  48909
(fax 517.335.6790)

Russ Harding, Director
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, 
Hollister Building
106 West Allegan Street P. O. Box 30473
Lansing MI   48909-7973
517. 373.7917
(fax 517.241.7401)

Dennis Drake, Director 
Air Quality Division, 
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, 
Hollister Building
106 West Allegan Street P. O. Box 30473
Lansing MI   48909-7973
(fax 517.241.7401)

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