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E-M:/ Environmental justice in Detroit

Enviro-Mich message from Brenda Liveoak <liveoak@megsinet.net>

Friends who care about the environment:
This is, by far, the best public response to local and state
governments irresponsible rhetoric on environmental Justice.
A public "thank you" to Lana!

Shame on Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer, Gov. John Englerís
chief environmental officer and some of Michiganís
congressional delegation.
How can they live with themselves.?? Putting profits before
the health of poor and minorities. I wish I could build a
house and put them in it for life,  right smack between the
Detroit Waste Water Treatment Plant and Great Lakes Steel.
Right there on West Jefferson in the shadow of the Ford
Rouge Plant, Edward Oil, Sibole Oil, Marathon Oil Refinery,
Detroit Lime, Allied Signal, just to name a few (the list is
long my friends)! The minorities in this area don't need
another pollution burden added to the toxic soup in the air,
water and land... 
I call Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer, Gov. John Engler and his
chief environmental officer and some of Michiganís
congressional delegation all LIARS and I would do it to
their faces...
If there is Environmental Justice in Detroit then let's have
a trial and put these jerks on the stand and bring the real
truth out! let's find out what their real motive is. I know
and you all know. It's profit and greed.. 
How do they do it? Where is their conscience?? Building
those factories, dumps, hazardous waste treatment
facilities, incinerators and all those pollution emitting
facilities, in the same areas over and over. Letting the
poor and minorities suffer the long term exposure while they
go home to nice middle and upper class neighborhoods after
their 8 hours. At least the workers in these places have
some protection (not a lot but some) with masks, gloves, 
protective clothing, rules and regulations to protect the
work area. The people living nearby, some a few hundred feet
away, live with it day and night. with NO protection.  They
call that justice? And please don't anyone feed me that crap
about air quality and  water quality being protected by
local enforcement agencies. I have dealt with them for
years. They are inefficient besides they do what their
bosses say, and their bosses are the ones that are working
for the driving forces for this MOVEMENT AGAINST
ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE. Besides, they admit to being
understaffed and unable to handle the pollution burden in
the areas. 
At this point in this terrible injustice, whether its
intentional or unintentional is not the question.  Poor and
minorities In Michigan suffer the larger burden of pollution
emitted from industries. The proof is in the pudding (the
toxic pudding).  All one has to do is drive through some of
the industrial area in Detroit and other major Cities in
Michigan and see for themselves. That's what the Detroit
news and Free Press should be doing. Some live coverage.
Instead of giving voice to these liars who would rather have
your believe their words instead of what your eyes see. It's
time to put a stop to these cities being continued dumping
grounds for more of the same!
These industries ought to tuck there tails between their
legs and bow their heads in shame. The political jerks who
shelter and aid them should do the same.

Brenda Liveoak

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