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E-M:/ ACTION ALERT--S. 1180--Call the Senate Now



We just got wind that the Senate ESA reauthorization bill is on the move again and could come to a floor vote when the Senate returns from recess on Monday the 6th.  Please call your Senators to make sure that they will NOT SUPPORT this weakening measure. The ESA is the strongest law we have for protecting imperiled species and habitat.  Please help to prevent the rollback of endangered species protection! See action alert below and pass it on to others!

Karen Tuerk, GREEN Midwest Organizer

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Just as we thought it was safe to go back into the water again..

We have learned that Senator Baucus (D-MT) has been negotiating 
furiously over the last day or two with the Clinton Administration to 
resolve differences over the Kempthorne ESAin't bill (S. 1180) and may 
have come to an agreement.  This could pave the way for the Kempthorne 
to come to the Senate floor immediately upon the Senate's return from 
the July 4th Recess.

We have also learned from Congress Daily news that heightens concerns 
the Kempthorne bill could come to the Senate floor for a vote very 
soon.  Congress Daily says:

     "However, numerous sources said Environment and Public Works 
     Chairman Chafee has made the decision to follow through 
     with a July markup on the [Resource Conservation and 
     Recovery Act -- Superfund] contingent on whether Senate 
     Majority Leader Lott agrees to schedule a vote on 
     Endangered Species Act legislation, of which Chafee is a 
     co-sponsor.  Lott has an interest in seeing a RCRA bill 
     passed, but thus far has been reluctant to schedule floor 
     time for the controversial ESA bill.  The power struggle 
     between Lott and Chafee and the RCRA and ESA bills has been 
     ongoing for some time, but sources said Lott is now 
     indicating he will schedule a vote on the ESA in 
     conjunction with a separate vote on property rights 
     legislation passed out of the House Judiciary Committee 
     earlier this year."

This means we have to move quickly to derail this very serious 
potential threat.

Folks, this is not a drill.  This current threat is very serious and 
the Senate leadership is banking on us being so consumed with fighting 
their incredible panoply of riders that we cannot stop the Kempthorne 
bill from coming to the floor.

How wrong they are!!


Roger Featherstone
GREEN Director


1) Contact your Senator and make sure they know to oppose the 
Kempthorne bill S. 1180 if it comes to a vote on the Senate floor.

    The Congressional Switchboard number is (202) 224-3121
        Additional contact information is available at 

2) Call Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt and ask him to oppose the bill 
and to halt any negotiations about moving forward S 1180.

        Secretary Babbitt's phone number is (202) 208-7351 
                 e-mail: bruce_babbitt@ios.doi.gov 

3) Call Senator Baucus and tell him S. 1180 is a bad idea and must not 
go forward.

        Senator Baucus's phone number is (202) 224-2651 
                 e-mail:  max@baucus.senate.gov

4) Call Katie McGinty, Director of the President's Council on 
Environmental Quality and ask Ms. McGinty to oppose S. 1180 and stop 
all negotiations between that White House, Interior and Senator 
Baucus to move S. 1180 forward.

           Ms. McGinty's phone number is (202) 456-6224

5) Spread this alert as far and wide as you can!

        For more information: http://www.defenders.org/esa-1.html

S. 1180 does more to keep species on the endangered list than 
to get them off of it.  The cumulative effect of provisions of the 
Kempthorne bill will lead it to fail in what should be the central 
mission of endangered species legislation, the science-based recovery 
and de-listing of threatened species.  

S. 1180 is being called ESAin't because: 

  o  It ain't got anything to do with the recovery of endangered fish, 
     wildlife and plants;
  o  It's backed by big developers and multinational mining, timber and 
     oil corporations - and that's "No Surprise."
  o  It gives big developers and multinational mining, timber and oil 
     corporations a 100 year loophole (HCPs/'no-surprises') that lets 
     them destroy endangered species habitat until the year 2098;
  o  It attempts to eliminate the checks and balances, public 
     participation and accountability that help protect endangered 
     fish, wildlife and plants from extinction;  
  o  It is extreme, irresponsible and promotes corporate profits at the 
     expense of endangered fish, wildlife and plants.

S. 1180 is supported by multinational mining, timber and oil 
corporations and developers.  S. 1180 is opposed by religious leaders, 
grassroots church and synagogue organizations, hunting and sportfishing 
groups, and EVERY nonprofit, grassroots conservation group in the U.S.

Roger Featherstone, GREEN Director
PO Box 40046, Albuquerque, NM 87196-0046
(505) 277-8302  fax, (505) 277-5483 rfeather@defenders.org

1101 14th St., NW, Ste. 1400, Washington,  DC 20005 (202) 682-9400

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