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E-M:/ Edison Electric Institute Ad in July/August SIERRA Magazine

Enviro-Mich message from DAWri87302@aol.com

Dear Fellow Sierra Club Members,

     I was pissed off when I started reading my July/August issue of Sierra.
Right there on page 4 was the Edison Electric Institute with a lovely picture
of nature, children, and chicks (baby birds).  The lovely ad went on to tell
me how wonderful all of the employees of their member utilities are and how
they all want "A Planet That's Safe For Mother Nature's Children…"  I'm
confident that the employees do want this.  The actions of the corporate
entities for which these people work, however, leaves quite a bit to be
desired; like the planned re-opening of the Conners Creek plant by Edison
Electric Institute member Detroit Edison.

     They also invited us to go to their web page to learn what they're doing
regarding the environment.  Here is the summary text from one of their
sections at their "environmental" site.

End of section on Electric Utilities and Clean Air Quality


Mounting Pressures for Additional
Emission Reductions

The electric utility industry is being 
pressured on air quality issues from an
unprecedented number of directions.  The
Edison Electric Institute in general 
vigorously opposes the stringency of EPA's
new regulatory decisions and proposals
regarding ozone, particulate matter and
regional haze.  These decisions have been
criticized widely as being based on 
questionable science, while causing 
tremendous impacts to business and
virtually every citizen of this nation.  EEI
also opposes attempts to deal with these air
quality issues in any Federal legislation
dealing with restructuring of the industry.


Sounds like they have a great deal of opposition to any proposals which would
actually have a real impact on creating "A Planet That's Safe For Mother
Nature's Children…" 

Governor Engler recently joined 5 other Governors drafting a plan to roll back
the proposed NOx standards for utilities.  Based on published reports this
plan was actually drafted by the utility industry and floated by "our public
servant", Gov. John Engler.  Detroit Edison plans to re-open their 1950's
version coal-fired plant, Conners Creek, claiming that it's in the baseline
emission inventory even though they haven't burned anything there for 10
years.  They also chose a backdoor method for attempting to get the plant up
and running without having ANY public comment at all.  These actions are
contrary to Edison Electric Institute's pretty picture and claim of "A Planet
That's Safe for Mother Nature's Children"...  

     I find it appalling that the Edison Electric Institute thinks that they
can "greenwash" the Sierra Club with full page nature pictures and a cute
slogan.  I want the Sierra to publish an article outlining the impact of the
Edison Electric Institute utilities on the environment.  You can start
learning about what they're really doing for Mother Nature by going to page 62
of the same issue and read why the Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club has
joined other organizations to sue Southern California Edison, another member
of the Edison Electric Institute.

     I also want to see the national and ALL state restructuring bills include
definite requirements for air quality improvments from ALL electric utilities.
The fact that Detroit Edison can even consider re-opening a mothballed coal-
fired powerplant without making any improvements to it's 1970's emission
control system; and, plan to run this plant at maximum capacity on those days
when air quality is at it's worst indicates that revisions to our LAWS are
needed to prevent this from happening.  

    It's also very, very apparent that our Governor will be working with the
utilities on this one.  Sorry, I forgot, he's not really working with them,
he's actually publicly pushing their plans.


David Wright 

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