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E-M:/ Clean Water Action PAC Endorses Doug Ross For Governor

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Wednesday, July 1, 1998				Cindy
Roper	                                                517/351-7286

Clean Water Action PAC Endorses Ross
Environmental Group praises Ross’ “strong commitment”

SOUTHFIELD -  The Michigan Clean Water Action - Vote Environment PAC has
announced its endorsement of Doug Ross in the 1998 gubernatorial race. 

“Doug Ross’ strong commitment to protect the environment is evidenced
not only by his past actions, but also his platform and vision for the
future,” said Cindy Roper, Michigan Director of Clean Water Action. “His
leadership on environmental and related public health issues will be
essential if we are to undo the severe damage which has been done by the
Engler Administration.”

Clean Water Action - Vote Environment PAC endorses candidates in both
state and local elections who advocate strong environmental policies. 
In addition, the PAC works to educate voters about the importance of
environmental concerns in Michigan.

“Ross’ environmental platform speaks to the need to reclaim the public
trust by changing the Engler Administration’s ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’
policies regarding environmental protection,” said Roper.

Ross released his environmental agenda in April.  The 10-point Action
seeks to end the scattered and unsuccessful environmental policies of
the Engler Administration.  Included in the plan are:

· The restoration of the Department of Natural Resources and public
input into the state permitting process.
· The protection of Michigan surface waters through better
implementation of the state’s existing water quality programs and a
serious reduction in non-point pollution.
· The reinstitution of appropriate standards for environmental clean-up,
including a requirement that those who are responsible for the problem
should pay for the solution.
· The protection of our farm and forest lands, our wetlands and our
natural resources through the creation of reasonable and coherent land
use policies.

Clean Water Action joins Howard Tanner, former director of the
Department of Natural Resources during the Milliken Administration; Dave
Dempsey, environmental advisor to Governor Jim Blanchard and current
policy director of the Michigan Environmental Council; Jim Campbell,
President of the Michigan United Conservation Club; Robert Laich, past
president of MUCC; Lisa Wozniak, Great Lakes Regional Director of the
League of Conservation Voters; Don Inman, former deputy director of the
DNR, and John Rothelle, former Assistant Chief, Parks Divisions of the
DNR in endorsing Doug Ross for Governor.					

Doug Ross
Ten-Point Environmental Action Agenda

#1 Restore Protection of the Great Lakes as a Top State Priority--State
efforts to protect the Great Lakes have been allowed to deteriorate in
recent years which is simply unacceptable for a state with the
stewardship responsibility for this incredible natural resource.  As
Governor I will make Great Lakes protection a top priority again so we
can eat fish from Lake Michigan and swim in Lake St.Clair again without
health concerns.   I also will take the lead among Great Lakes Governors
in blocking new diversions of Great Lakes water resources and
implementing a region-wide water conservation strategy.

#2 Return Public Participation to DEQ Permitting Process--The current
administration has chosen to treat the permitting process in the
Department of Environmental Quality as a closed system, shutting the
public and the DNR out of important environmental decisions.  I pledge
to restore public participation and access to the environmental
permitting process to ensure decisions that integrate the need for
economic growth and the protection of our state’s resources.

#3 Adopt Sensible Land Use Policies--Michigan desperately needs
reasonable land use policies to assure that projected population growth
and migration do not consume our declining habitats, farmland and forest
land while making the rebuilding of our older urban areas difficult to
impossible.  As the Governor’s own blue ribbon panel declared in 1992,
“the absence of land use planning that considers resources and the
integrity of ecosystems is among the greatest risks facing Michigan’s
future.”  I will make the sensible use of our limited landscape a
central theme of my tenure as Governor.

#4 Attack Non-Point Pollution--While Michigan has made progress in the
fight to protect surface water quality from the threat of point source
discharges, our state’s record on implementing controls and best
management practices for non-point (runoff) discharges is woeful.  While
there has been much talk about non-point pollution, there has been no
action.  I pledge to implement a program of incentives and technical
assistance that makes Michigan surface waters the envy of the nation
once again.

#5 Pursue Aggressive Environmental Clean Up--While it was important to
make some changes to the state’s environmental clean up laws to
encourage development of urban sites, the Legislature and current
Governor went way beyond reason in changing our “Polluter Pay” law.  I
will work to assure that appropriate standards for clean up are
reinstituted, particularly for pollution on sites that are now green
fields.  I will make every effort to insure that those responsible for
pollution, rather than the public, are held accountable for paying clean
up costs.

#6 Protect Wetlands--Michigan is one of only two states in the country
that has been delegated authority by the federal government to regulate
wetland development within its borders.  As one of the Senate leaders of
the passage of our Wetland Protection Act in 1979, I will veto any
efforts to weaken the law.

#7 Stop the Importing of Solid Waste--Michigan is becoming a major
importer of solid waste from other states and countries.  This is
undermining Michigan’s earlier commitment to plan for our solid waste
and encourage recycling.  I firmly believe that stopping the creation of
waste should be a first priority, followed by recycling and then other
disposal methods.  The only way such a system can be maintained is
through locally-driven planning processes.  As Governor, I will go to
Washington and lobby Congress to give us the power to block the
importation of solid waste from other states and abroad so we can take
control of our future again.

#8 Adopt a Prudent Transportation Policy--Our roads are a disgrace.  To
ensure the restoration of our present roads, I will support a formula
that earmarks at least 90% of highway funds for the maintenance and
repair of existing roads.  This is good road policy, good environmental
policy and a way to keep taxes down.

#9 Enforce a Moratorium on Oil and Gas Leases on Public Lands Until the
Public Has A Say--I have called for a complete moratorium on further oil
and gas leases on public lands in Michigan until basic environmental,
quality of life and economic safeguards are in place.  This includes
better enforcement of environmental standards by DEQ and better lease
and land protection by the DNR.  As Governor I will help organize a
process with public input to produce those safeguards.

#10 Defend the Natural Resources Trust Fund Against Raids--I voted for
the resolution to make the Natural Resources Trust Fund a part of the
Michigan Constitution.  As Governor I will fight any attempt to divert
Trust Fund money to any purpose not consistent with the Fund’s
legitimate goals of increasing recreational opportunity, acquiring
critical habitat, and providing an endowment for our state parks.

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