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E-M:/ Goose poop alert!!

Enviro-Mich message from Ann Frisch <fan46@mail.execpc.com>

Goose poop alert!				*For immediate release*

CONTACT: Dr. Ann Frisch, Ph.D., Coalition to Protect Canada Geese, TEL:
(920) 235 2185; FAX: (920) 235 2285; http://www.icu.com/geese/coalition.html

While Canada goose mamas and papas were trucked to the slaughterhouse,
their babies were shipped to other parts of Minnesota to assure the
continuing increase of the Canada goose population.   

The Coalition to Protect Canada Geese has obtained copies of the permits
from the University of Minnesota under public records laws.  The Fish and
Wildlife Service (FWS) permit specifies that of  every seven geese rounded
up, five will be relocated to other parts of the state. Some may be
relocated to other states (Iowa and South Dakota are likely candidates since
they received geese last year.) Typically these Canada goose restoration
projects include huge fields of grain left standing to fatten the goslings
to be living targets for hunters and fodder for DNR license revenues.  

Steve Wilds, FWS Migratory Bird Coordinator, in a March 4 press release,
admitted as much. "It's not necessarily a problem of too many geese, but a
problem of geese in the wrong locations," Wilds said.  He was referring to
the four decades of propagation of Canada geese, including incubating the
first clutch of eggs from the captive mother, forcing her to lay more eggs.
Bureaucrats are no longer denying that the entire operation is a goose
saturation scheme designed to bolster sagging hunting revenues and subsidize
the University of Minnesota.  

Little Canada MN is a case in point.  Citizens have a two year $4,000
contract to pay Professor Cooper to get rid of the geese (Cooper calls it
"management" to avoid any promise of goose reduction).   What did Little
Canada get for its $2,000 last year?  All fifty geese were captured and
removed.  But Cooper claimed this year that there were 60 geese!    Citizens
who hate goose poop will want to grab their calculators and their
pocketbooks.  A net increase of ten geese is more goose poop.  

Why are game agencies responding to hunters and not broader interests?
Under an old federal law, wildlife biologists' paychecks must come from
license revenues. Based on these revenues, states qualify for Pittman
Robertson (PR) funds, a federal tax on firearms including "Saturday night
specials".  Unlike  taxes on alcohol and tobacco which go into general tax
funds, PR funds are used to subsidize playgrounds for hunters.  If PR funds
are to be diverted from general revenues, the Coalition argues,  they should
go to fighting human crime.


Ann S. Frisch
Coalition to Protect Canada Geese
PO Box 8254, Oshkosh, WI 54903
(920) 235 2185 TEL
(920) 235 2285 FAX

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