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E-M:/ Timber Marking Mandate in DNR Budget Fixed

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

The final version of the DNR Budget bill, HB 5591, as it goes to the Governor
following conference committee adjustments, has left intact the language added
to the bill on the Senate Floor to assure that the mandated timber marking
level of 855,000 cords only goes into effect "provided that the department
takes into consideration the impact of timber harvesting on wildlife habitat
and recreation uses."  This language provides clear legislative intent that
our State Forests must not be managed for timber production at the detriment
of other, more important societal values.

Thanks to all who helped to make this change come about!  The only real
tragedy here is that such a debate needed to occur at all.  This is a small
step in the direction of trying to shift the legislature's view of the
management of our public land resource from being driven by well-funded,
narrow interest groups, to one where a broad view of the values and interests
our citizens have in healthy, diverse resources are automatically understood
and defended in both houses of the legislature.  

Keep up the good work, and with luck this WON'T be an issue in next year's

Anne Woiwode, Sierra Club

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