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E-M:/ Mich Congressman Joe Knollenburg vs. global climate protection

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Sierra Club alert about Michigan's Joe Knollenberg and his effort
to gag the U.S. EPA on global warming issues.

     July 2, 1998

     "All the evidence -- if you look at the record of our country going
     back to 1970 -- is that every time the United States has adopted
     higher environmental standards, businesses have created new
     technologies to meet them, and we actually had faster economic growth
     with better, and better-paying, jobs as a result."

                                President Clinton in his final speech
                                before leaving China this week, as
                                quoted in today's Washington Post.


     ACTION ALERT:      Oppose Global Warming Gag Order in EPA Budget
     GLOBAL WARMING:    Columnist Highlights Congressional Ignorance


     *Tell Representatives: Oppose Global Warming Gag Order in EPA Budget*

     Just what is it that they don't want you to know?

     Why are friends of the oil, auto, coal and utility industries pushing
     a rider to bar the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from educating
     the American public about global warming? Why does that same rider
     seek to forbid any new programs to cut pollution? And why is all of
     this being done under a veil of secrecy?

     Could it be because they don't want you to think about the pollution
     spewing from factories, power plants and automobiles?  Perhaps they
     don't want the public to know that the extreme weather suffered by
     much of America in recent years could be a taste of things to come
     with global warming. Or that efficient, money-saving technologies
     already exist to curb this problem.

     Whatever their reasons, big polluters are lining up to back Rep. Joe
     Knollenberg's (R-Mich.) EPA gag-rule rider when it comes to the House
     floor this month. The gag rule is a sweet deal for them: It will block
     new pollution reductions and keep the American people in the dark
     until the modest Kyoto global warming treaty is sent to the U.S.
     Senate for ratification (where friends of the auto, oil, and coal
     industries will be waiting).

     The industries believe this outrageous "stealth" rider will slip under
     the public's radar screen. But they're wrong.

     TAKE ACTION: Every member of Congress needs to hear from activists on
     this issue!  Write, phone or fax your representative -- TODAY -- and
     ask him or her to:

     1. Oppose the Knollenberg anti-Kyoto treaty rider to the EPA budget.

     2. Protect our children and our environment by taking steps to reduce
     global warming pollution today. Raising miles-per-gallon standards for
     cars and trucks would be a great place to start.

     Remind your representative that this is an election year, and you will
     be watching how she or he votes on global warming. If you do not know
     the phone number of your representative's office, call the U.S
     .Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121.

     Thank you!


     GLOBAL WARMING: Columnist Highlights Congressional Ignorance

     Syndicated columnist Molly Ivins is known for saying what's on her
     mind -- and pulling no punches. In her July 1st column she let fly on
     global warming, and took aim at corporate polluters and their friends
     in Congress.

     Ivins, who is from Texas, points to the extreme weather Texas has
     suffered recently as an example of what global warming has in store.
     The weather, she assures, has not always been like this. "No [this
     weather] is not normal. Those of us who were around in the '50s can
     tell you this is not even like the seven years we called The Time it
     Never Rained." (Raleigh News and Observer, 7/1/98)

     Ivins cites two "stealth" budget riders (both familiar to regular SC
     Action Daily readers) as examples of congressional lunacy that
     continues in the face of evidence of global warming -- Rep. Wolf's
     (R-Va.) freeze on miles-per-gallon standards for automobiles and Rep.
     Joe Knollenberg's (R-Mich.) EPA gag rule and ban on new pollution
     reduction measures.

     She also points out that U.S. auto corporations -- while raking in
     massive profits on sport utility vehicles -- are "...whining that they
     can't possibly meet higher fuel or emission standards..." even as
     foreign automakers race ahead with clean technology.

     After a few more columns like this, perhaps Congress and the Big 3
     will clean up their acts.


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