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Enviro-Mich message from "Molly Cole" <COLE@maelstrom.cc.wmich.edu>

As I read it the following national legislation could have quite an impact 
on some Michigan issues.

Date:          Tue, 07 Jul 1998 20:32:57 -0700 (PDT)
From:          Darren Korn <dak@crest.org>
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In a major attack on President Clinton's Domestic Climate Change
Initiative, the House Appropriations Committee voted on June 25 for major
cuts in the energy efficiency programs funded through the Department of
Energy -- $25 million below 1998 levels and more than $200 million below
the President's request for FY99.  In response, Rep. Jon Fox (R-PA) is
preparing to offer an amendment to the FY99 Interior Appropriations Bill
when the bill comes to the floor of the House of Representatives in

These proposed cuts by the House Appropriations Committee will hamper many
of DOE's cooperative energy-saving research programs with the private
sector and will curtail energy-saving partnerships with states and
communities.  The adverse effects of these cuts include:

**  Partnerships with the home building industry to greatly improve the
energy efficiency, quality, and affordability of new housing will be

**  Efforts to accelerate R & D on fuel cells - the single most
promising technology for achieving breakthrough improvements in motor
vehicle air emissions and energy efficiency - will be slowed down;

**  Joint research with the steel, pulp and paper, chemical, and other
industries on new energy-saving and emissions reducing technologies,
processes, and materials will be delayed;

**  The number of low-income residences that will be weatherized in the
coming year will be cut by over 20,000.

 Representative Fox and his colleagues are formulating an amendment that
would eliminate reductions from Fiscal Year '98 levels and add significant
additional funds to expand the most promising energy efficiency efforts.
Funding on the order of $75 million is being considered for the amendment. 

What you can do:

 Contact your Representative during early July (most will be back in their
districts until July 13) and urge him/her to join as a cosponsor of the
Fox Amendment to restore funding for energy efficiency to the FY99
Interior Appropriations Bill.

Remind him/her that:

-  Energy efficiency is the foundation of sound national energy policy.
Investments in energy  efficiency technologies reduce energy consumption
and reduce the  security threat created by our dependence on imported
-  Energy efficiency programs are wise government investments. President's
Council of Advisors on Science and  Technology estimates that energy
efficiency measures we have already employed have contributed  $150
billion per year to the U.S. economy. 

A vote could come in the House as early as July 16, so please act quickly.

To find the name of your Representative, look at the main member index

If you only need their contact information, you can find it on the U.S
House of representatives site.<http://www.house.gov/MemberWWW.html>

Thank you for acting quickly on this matter.  Urgently needed efficiency
programs are depending on your action.

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