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WASHINGTON - How many pollutants from Midwestern states end up forming smog in
the East? The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind. 
In other words, no one really knows exactly how much and how far pollution is
carried by the wind from utilities and factories in the industrial heartland. 
But debate over the issue is hotter than the weather this summer, as the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency prepares final rules for cutting ozone, the
unhealthiest component of smog, in 22 states, including Michigan. 

Sultry spring and summer weather has boosted West Michigan smog counts above a
new federal standard several times this year, and this week's heat wave could
bring more ozone pollution problems to the region.

Jim Carbary wants the Canada geese who call his yard home to leave. Brown and
black droppings - 2 inches long and as thick as a small dog's feces - splatter
his driveway. The geese have pooped every few inches in his yard.

Bear in Bay City area backyard wears out welcome.

Despite a $6,551 deficit in Jackson County's first effort to spray gypsy
moths, the program will continue another year.

   FLINT _ Jim Warren was drawn to the neighborhood of 1950s-era homes because
buying a house there meant only an eight-minute walk to his engineering job at
General Motors. But the neighborhood's history as a dump site for GM and
Fisher Body gave him pause. So he walked down the hallway and asked a couple
of environmental engineers if it was safe.  Warren and another 76 families are
reclaiming Flint's Windiate Park after a four-year struggle to clean up the
former dump site.

Racing against a court-imposed deadline, Pall Gelman Sciences officials
Wednesday opened an underground pipeline to transport contaminated groundwater
for re-injection into a deep aquifer west of Ann Arbor.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday chose Saginaw for a two-
year $200,000 grant to pay for assessment of potentially contaminated vacant
sites known as "brownfields."

Carrollton Township officials may designate some of its contaminated
industrial and commercial land a "brownfield redevelopment district" to lure
new businesses.

At least four of 15 Jackson County farmers who applied for a state program
that pays landowners for keeping their land agricultural have ties to township
Just inside double-glass doors on the Caledonia Township offices a large,
multi-colored map spreads across the wall. Each color marks a different type
of land use: houses, businesses, industries, farms.

Some planning experts say the color-spread shows a patchwork growth trend that
could stretch tax dollars of townships in the Thornapple River area to their
It could also stretch resources of Kent County in a pattern found across
Michigan -- and across the country -- where cities expand their borders

Kalamazoo city commissioners Monday had few criticisms of a new land-use and
development plan that has been three years in the works.
"This document in my mind . . . really guides us to being a community for
tomorrow," Commissioner Alfred Heilman said of the new Comprehensive Plan.
The long-range planning document, which was last updated in 1977, will return
to the commission July 27 for more comments and endorsement before being sent
back to the Planning Commission for final approval.

Burton - The battle of Kelly Lake is sure to heat up this week when the
Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Board considers a $51,000 grant to begin
developing a park at the 80-acre site.

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