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Enviro-Mich message from "Molly Cole" <COLE@maelstrom.cc.wmich.edu>

I think people have hit the nail on the head when they ask why we're not 
willing to pay the taxes to support parks and schools. The anti tax mantra 
that so many people have accepted as gospel is taking a lot of power out of 
the hands of the people and putting it into the hands of the corporations. 
Our schools are being funded by business so our kids can be prepared to be 
better workers/resources for the industrial machine not so they can be wise 
or intelligent people. 

Corporate versus public funding is having a tremendous impact on what's 
being taught and researched at public universities. More of the research at 
public universities should be for the good of the public. That should 
include educating and protecting the public from the negative aspects of 
industry not just research to help industry grow in the hope that we'll 
have more jobs so they can sell us more stuff. There was recently a story 
on NPR about corporations and the governor of Louisiana threatening to pull 
major research funds because faculty at the university had been advising an 
eco-justice group who'd been trying to stop a PVC plant.

I realize I just took a big leap from S'mores and State Parks but the point 
is we should be willing to collectively pay for the things that improve our 
lives so they're available to all us. It will cost us less in the long run 
than the round about route of getting you to buy more candy so the profits 
from the candy sales can be used to do more advertising to get you to buy 
more candy which probably has all sorts of environmental costs and is going 
to make you fat and rot your teeth.

A much simpler answer. If you don't like it, protest by making deluxe 
S'mores using Meijer Cinnamon Grahams and a York peppermint patty or Thin 

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