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E-M:/ Global warming? Or local warming & global cooling?

Enviro-Mich message from JerrodM@aol.com

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Excerpts from the above are given below. In a nutshell, Christy argues that
the data supporting the global warming hypothesis are flawed; while localized
temperatures may have increased, global average has not. 

The 99 radiosondes reported an aggregate warming trend of 0.155 degrees
Celsius (about 0.28 Fahrenheit) per decade since 1979. Over those 99 spots on
the globe, the satellites also recorded a warming trend: 0.128 degrees Celsius
(about 0.23 Fahrenheit) per decade. 

Globally, however, the satellite data show a cooling trend of 0.03 degrees
Celsius per decade since the first NOAA TIROS-N satellites went into service. 

"These 99 radiosonde launch sites are just not distributed evenly around the
planet," Christy said. "They are not representative of the total globe." 

In 1996, Spencer and Christy received the American Meteorological Society's
Special Award. They were honored "for developing a global, precise record of
the Earth's temperature from operational polar-orbiting satellites,
fundamentally advancing our ability to monitor climate." 

AMS Special Awards are given to individuals or organizations not appropriately
recognized by more specifically-defined awards, and who have made important
contributions to the science or practice of meteorology or to the society. 

In 1991, Spencer and Christy received NASA's Exceptional Scientific
Achievement Medal.

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