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Re: E-M:/ Global warming? Or local warming & global cooling?

Enviro-Mich message from KWinch5940@aol.com

ah, Jerrod, Jerrod-
how I would love to respond more fully to this post of yours, as well as the
"full story" one --

unfortunately, I will be offline for a week or more, and will be "checking
out" from EM for awhile -

Let me just say this -- weather extremes ( unusually hot / cold; unusually dry
/ wet) are very much consistent with global warming theory;   the hottest
years on record have been since 1980 ..with more and more ' 90's years
claiming the "hottest yet" record.  It is not nonsense - Christy, and a very
few guys like him (maybe 5 all together, so I've heard, and several of them
funded by industry) stand in opposition to some 2000 other scientists
worldwide who have been working for some time on studying the "climate change"
issue (slighty more accurate description than "global warming" as not all
places on earth will be warmer - the unstable weather patterns, stronger
hurricanes, etc are all part of what weather theories predict with increasing
amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere ...which anyone knows has been on a sharply
uphill swing since the industrial revolution and our ever increasing burning
of fossil fuels.)  

While I'm on the topic, sort of, let me offer to anyone interested additional
information on climate change available from the National Council of Churches
in Christ :  they have prepared a packet of materials on this including a
"question and answers" type of sheet; an op ed piece by Rev. Dr. Joan Brown
Campbell ( General Secr. of the NCCC) for placing in local newspapers or
distributing in congregations; a bible study;  information on obtaining a 30
sec. Public Service Annoucement TV commercial produced by the NCCC (narrated
by Maya Angelou).

If interested in the NCCC's packet, please email me (though understand it will
take me ~2 weeks before I'll be able to reply - thanks)

Kim Winchell     kwinch5940@aol.com

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