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Re: E-M:/ MUCC on parks issues

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My issue with commercialization is that the door is opened for commercial
interests to have access to the decision makers on what happens at the state
parks.  While Keebler/Hershey may not have issues with the operation of the
parks and how it affects their commercial interests, this opens the door for
other commercial interests.  It will just be a matter of time before a
commercial interest purchases the right to be the "official whatchamacallit"
of the Michigan state parks and attempts to control the operating plans of our
parks for their commercial interest as opposed to the "public" interest.  If
the parks become dependent on this type of funding, they will become Michigan
commercial parks as opposed to state parks.


David Wright

P.S. I too really like Molly's mosquito analogy.

In a message dated 98-07-20 17:28:19 EDT, you write:

 This forces the Parks and Recreation Division to find new sources of
 funding, which is exactly what the Keebler/Hershey plan accomplishes. 
 Increase of general fund support has not been an option for the
 Division.  And if we do need corporate support, why are coupons so
 offensive?  We're not talking about Keebler or Hershey stores in the
 parks, just coupons being handed out.  Sure, they may promote the deal
 at supermarkets, but state park visitors and reservation holders will
 only receive coupons.  
 Coupons seems like a very inoffensive form of commercialization, and our
 state parks desperately need help.  As I am a member of the Citizens
 Committee for Michigan State Parks, I'd be glad to pass along any
 further comments or suggestions you park supporters have.
 Amanda Hathaway
 Michigan United Conservation Clubs 
 P.O. Box 30235
 Lansing, MI 48909
 P.S. Molly, I love your too small to make a difference quote, and plan
 to use it if you don't object.

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