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Enviro-Mich message from "Tamilyn H. Sanderson" <sirdufus@freeway.net>

Hello out there!  I am new to enviro-mich but boy am I glad your here.  I
just became the Michigan coordinator for REP America.  I'm up on national
enviro stuff, but as far as Michigan is concerned, I don't know what all is
going on.

I will be starting a web page for Michigan, at our website (see address
below).  I need to know what the top issues are here in Mich. Not just
legislation, but the issues that keep coming up over and over, ei water,
forest, dunes, fish, ect.  Please I can use any info about our environment.
 Thanks.  FYI here is what REP America is all about.

Calling All Conservation-Minded Republicans...

Republicans for Environmental Protection. To many these days, that sounds 
like an oxymoron. But REP AMERICA, a national grassroots organization of 
Republicans for Environmental Protection, is a fast-growing group of 
ordinary Republicans who are distressed by the anti-environmental 
direction that GOP leaders have taken in recent years. REP members are 
working from within to restore the party's conservation tradition. 

Past Republican leaders such as Theodore Roosevelt and Richard Nixon 
understood that conservation is conservative, and they acted on that 
principle by setting aside special lands for permanent protection and 
passing laws to protect the air we breathe, the water we drink and the 
wildlife we cherish.   

REP AMERICA's goals are to resurrect the GOP's conservation tradition and 
to restore natural resource conservation and sound environmental 
protection as fundamental elements of the Republican Party's vision for 
America. REP AMERICA advocates strong legislation to accomplish these 
goals while adhering to Republican principles of fiscal responsibility 
and smaller government.

Founded in 1995, REP AMERICA now has members in 47 states and the 
District of Columbia. Among the largest state groups are Arizona, 
California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Oregon and Washington. Efforts 
are under way to establish a chapter in Michigan.

REP AMERICA's separate political action network, Republicans for 
Environmental Protection, endorses and works for the election of 
Republican candidates who support strong laws to clean up the nation's 
air and water, protect public health, preserve our natural heritage, and 
restore endangered wildlife. 

REP AMERICA invites all registered Republicans and Republican-supportive 
voters to join its efforts to protect the land we love and restore the 
GOP tradition of conservation leadership. 

For more information, visit REP AMERICA's web site (www.repamerica.org) 
or contact President Martha Marks by phone at (847) 940-0320, by e-mail 
at martha@repamerica.org, or by postal mail at P.O. Box 7073, Deerfield 
IL, 60015. Or you can contact the Michigan coordinator, Tamilyn 
Sanderson, at  sirdufus@freeway.net or 616-348-2685

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