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Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 13:49:45 -0400 (EDT)
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Technical Contact :Terese Van Donsel
(312) 353-6564

Media Contact :Don de Blasio
(312) 886-4360

For Immediate Release: July 22, 1998

No. 98-OPA221


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5 today is proposing its =
options to address soil and ground-water contamination at the Petoskey =
Municipal Well Field Superfund site, Petoskey, MI.  EPA will be accepting =
public comments on its proposals through August 18, 1998.

The proposed action would cover an area immediately next to Petoskey =
Manufacturing Co. (PMC), 200 West Lake St., Petoskey.

Options evaluated to address soil contamination at the Petoskey site =
included: no action; construction of an asphalt cover to slow leaching of =
contaminants from soil to ground water; and, excavation and off-site =
disposal of contaminated soil, with soil vapor extraction from deeper =
soils of trichloroethene (TCE), also known as trichloroethylene.

Options that were evaluated to address contaminated ground water include: =
no action; monitoring contaminant levels in ground water and allowing them =
to naturally reduce over time; and, extraction and treatment of contaminate=
d ground water, with monitoring of contaminant levels.

For soil contamination, EPA is recommending its alternative 3: Excavate =
soil to 5 Ft ; vapor extraction to remove VOC*s from deeper soils; and =
deed restrictions requiring property owners to exercise *due care* if the =
building is demolished. =20

This cleanup would remove contaminants that exceed the State of Michigan*s =
recommended levels for residential properties and would address the source =
of ground-water contamination.

For ground-water contamination, EPA is recommending its alternative 2: =
Monitor ground-water contaminant concentrations, with natural attenuation =
(a natural decrease in contaminant levels) of existing contaminants.=20

Ground-water monitoring would allow EPA and Michigan Department of =
Environmental Quality to determine when contaminants drop to levels safe =
for consumption and to evaluate the potential impact of discharging ground =
water to Lake Michigan. =20

With the recommended soil cleanup alternative, the recommended ground-water=
 alternative would allow the current contaminants in ground-water to =
decline naturally (by dilution and dispersion) without active treatment.

If you have questions,  or would like additional information about the =
Feasibility Study, write, call, or e-mail:=20
Don de Blasio
Community Involvement Coordinator
U.S. EPA (P-19J)
77 West Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604-3590
(312) 886-4360 or (800) 621-8431, or deblasio.don=40epa.gov

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