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E-M:/ Natural Roof THATCHING Workshop, August 30 - Sept 12 Oregon

Enviro-Mich message from ECOARTDB@aol.com

Dear NBC East Friends,

I highly recommend this thatching workshop!   Knowing the Cob Cottage Co. and
the master thatcher, Flemming Abrahamsson, who lead our thatching workshop 
in April, I can assure you that this workshop will be a unique opportunity to 
learn not only the basics of thatching and design, but will be a chance to
be with some of the most knowledgeable folks in the natural building movement!
                                                                Deanne Bednar,
                                                                the Strawbale
Building Project, Oxford, MI

         NATURAL ROOF Thatching Workshop,  
             Aug. 30 - Sept. 12, 1998

Because of the growing interest in thatched roofs, the Cob Cottage Company is
sponsoring its third thatching workshop in the U.S.   Master thatcher Flemming
Abrahamsson returns from Denmark specifically to teach with Linda Smiley and
Ianto Evens.  Flemming is a unique combination -- contractor, builder, master
mason, master thatcher and architect/designer, manufacturer of compost toilets
and mass heating stoves.  (..and one delightful human teacher and human

The building to be thatched is a timber frame, cob (earthen) and strawbale
barn with a large and interesting roof.  Rye and wheat straw grown on the
site, specifically for the thatching, will be used. A 1908 reaper-binder
(possibly horse-powered) will be used to cut the straw, and a combing machine
will prepare it for the roof.

The course will be held near Eugene on one of the oldest organic farms in
Oregon.  The fee is $1200 minus discounts and includes 3 meals per day and
      Contact the Cob Cottage Company at 541-942-2005 
                         for information and discounts.

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