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E-M:/ Secr. of State's Campaign Finance/Election Web Site

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

The Secretary of State's Office now has extensive campaign
finance information online in amounts and scope they never before
had and enviro's should use this information to stay on top of 
their elected officials over the use of corporate campaign 
contributions to influence legislators.

The URL is:


Go and look up your legislator today.....   You can get great

For example, here is what I dug up on the legislature's most
self-adsorbed,  narcisistic, egotistical, industry-brainwashed pol....

.....Tom Alley, Chair of the House of Representatives Environment
and Great Lakes Committee and Michigan lapdog for the industry-funded/run
American Legislative Exchange Council, and candidate for 
the Michigan Senate seat around Bay City.

Alley's most recent annual report for the off-election year
shows that he raised a total
of $15,775 during the 1997 reporting period from a total of 
63 contributors.

Of these contributors, the following entities were noted who
either are, or represent, industries regulated by Michigan 
environmental laws.

$3000	Wayne Disposal PAC
$2000	Waste Management Inc. PAC
$ 500	Attorney Dave Fink
$ 500	Speciality & Environmental Admin
$ 500	Coastal ANR
$ 400	Michigan Petroleum Jobbers PAC
$ 300 	Michigan Road Builders PAC
$ 300	Builders PAC
$ 200	Consumers Power Co Employees PAC
$ 200	City PAC
$ 200	GM Civic Involvement Program
$ 200	DTE Energy Company PAC
$ 200	MichCon State PAC
$ 150 	Phamacia $ Upjohn Leg Supp Exch
$ 125	IN/MI Power Co Civic Action
$ 100	Jerry & Lynne Granger
$ 100	Mead Effective Citizen Fund
$ 100	Ogden Corp PAC
$ 100 	Michigan Petroleum PAC
$ 100	Dykema Gossett PLLC
$ 100	Charles & Rita Gelman
$ 100	Michigan Propane Gas PAC
$ 100	Cliffs Michigan PAC
$ 100	Ford Motor Co Civic Action Fund
$ 100	Michigan Chamber PAC

$9775   total from industrial concerns, lobbyists or attorneys concerned
              with environmental regulation

Note the large contributions from Wayne Disposal and Waste Management 
Inc. pac funds.    As such, most of Alley's support comes from regulated 
parties outside of his legislative district.....  those waste guys must
really LOVE

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