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E-M:/ Common Tern colony on Lime Island

Enviro-Mich message from Linda_Rosenthal@hermanmiller.com

Along with some friends, I spent last weekend on Lime Island in the St.
Mary's river.  The largest (un)Common Tern colony in the Great Lakes is
located at the island along the old coal dock.  I got the following
information from one of my fellow campers about an incident which happened
at the island over the weekend:  The island's custodian told her that a
large sailboat pulled up next to the nesting colony, tied up their vessel,
got out, crushing several eggs in the process and when requested by this
same island custodian to move the sailboat, they moved it only a mere short
distance.  I didn't walk down by the signs that are posted by the nesting
area, so I don't what kind of clear warnings are down there, but having
experienced piping plover patrol watches, I don't believe any warnings
mattered to arrogant knuckle draggers like these sailboaters.  What's the
deal with this?  It's great that MSU researchers "are attempting to
determine if this site will continue to promote the survival of this
species," but perhaps, since common terns are a threatened species
(according to the DNR Spotting Scope article at the site location following
this message) something more aggressive needs to be done to discourage
docking and disembarking humans right alongside the birds' colony.
Arrrrgh!  Why in the hell can't some of us leave anything be?!!!  I was
thrilled and excited when I heard about this colony.  I paddled in to the
island in a sea kayak, enjoying the sight and sound of the terns from a
respectful distance, hearing their sudden chorus of constant voices begin
at sunrise on Sunday morning and then I heard about this horsepucky with
the sailboaters.  I am not happy about this, not happy at all!

tm#Common Terns

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